Your success depends on the grade of your zeal. This is how

The grade of your zeal has a role to play in the formation of your habits. The higher the grade of your zeal in any endeavor, the easier it is for you to form habits that support that endeavor. Likewise, if you have little or no zeal in an endeavor, the more difficult it’ll be for you to form new habits in that endeavor.

the garde of your zeal
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The battle to succeed is always at the beginning of you putting your willpower into use. In our journey to master self and take back our destiny, understanding of our habits is vital. How are habits formed?

Habits are formed when thoughts enter our minds repeatedly and we accept these thoughts and act upon them. The thought can be either good or bad. As I earlier mentioned, the grade of your zeal determines how easy or challenging it will be for you to form that habit.

This is how the grade of your zeal affects your success rate

There is a strong relationship between the grade of your zeal and the rate with which you succeed in any endeavor. Let’s look at the case of one who has an examination to sit for and understands that he needs to excel in that examination. If he has a limited time to study for that exam, he needs to form a new reading habit.

Before forming this new reading habit he must have weighed the benefits that will come to him if he excels in that examination. Several benefits may come into his mind from excelling in the examination. These possible benefits include but are not limited to the following:
1) To gain self-respect
2) Gather more relevant information or
3) To develop himself

These possible benefits he will gain from doing well in the examination are actually motivating factors that propels him to choose a reading program which in his thought will help him achieve any or all the benefits he has listed. The possible benefits generate the zeal in him to willingly follow through with his reading program without compulsion.
Bear in mind that the books he needs to read to excel in the examination may not be interesting but the zeal to achieve the possible benefit(s) will motivate him to apply different methods possible so as to understand the books he has to read.

Some of the different methods he may apply in order to understand the book(s) may include; reading and re-reading the book(s) or he may engage in a group reading with friends who widen his horizon because they share different perspectives about the book(s). These different perspectives help him understand what the main topic is. Following this process, a new habit is formed.

Desire it and you can achieve it

To achieve your desire, you will have to repeatedly practice actions that favor your desire until those actions become spontaneous. The persistence in these actions and the grade of your zeal will determine if you will succeed in achieving that which you so desire.

Finally, that which you desire can be gotten when you acquire new habits that lead towards that desire. Therefore, desire is the starting point in the journey to success.

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