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a fast-paced world

Sometimes it can be really challenging to stand out from the crowd in a fast-paced world. A world where the madness of the crowd gets to almost everyone cannot be wished away. The reality dawns on you at some point in time.

a fast-paced world

In a fast-paced world, the virtue of patience is compromised and vices hold sway. You either go with the tide or you are looked at as the outlier. Amidst the confusion, enjoyment, and selfishness, self-control is thrown to the winds. Man forgets he cannot eat his cake and have it at the same time.

Mankind places so much confidence in his abilities and forgets that there is one who holds the key to the throne of David when he opens no one can close when he closes no one can open.

A Fast-Paced World: The Drift is on

In the midst of the hustle and bustle that goes on in a fast-paced world, the begging question is; where are we rushing to?

As long as we live in a fast-paced world and follow its rules this is what happens:

1. Pressure to belong

A fast-paced world condones excesses of every kind. Unfortunately, many people see it as the norm. Take excessive drinking for example.

You see a lot of drinking going on around you; keg parties on campuses and bars at almost every street corner. You see people drinking with joy and excitement so you assume you are the outsider. You have to drink so you are not looked at as the outsider.

Unfortunately, everyone is holding the same viewpoint. You see others drinking excessively so you drink. Since people cannot read one another’s thoughts, the cycle continues.

What you might not be aware of is that people drink for a whole lot of reasons. Since you cannot read their thoughts or the reason why they drink, you join them for the wrong reasons.

2. Loss of Self-Control

People tend to lose their sense of being rational in a fast-paced world; action is spontaneous and comes before the faculty of thought is activated. Impatience and intolerance is the order of the day and people get on other’s nerves. This is how you lose your self-control:

  1. Talking at random
  2. Nagging
  3. Orgy and,
  4. Immodesty

3. Life of Competition

In our world, many look up to others as their standard. Their daily activity is geared towards superseding others in acquiring material things. Some work hard to acquire wealth just to win self-respect from others.

The life of competition is a prelude to a lot of vices because you labor to acquire but cannot get so you think of a vice to make both ends meet. Because you live a life of competition you’ll not be satisfied and certainly lose your inner peace.

Finally, when you live in a world that is on a fast lane you have to understand that satisfaction and contentment comes from the “true vine”; if you are cut off from him you can do nothing.

Therefore, you need to step back every now and then reflecting on the journey or else you will be carried away by the tide.

Love is the greatest and for us to find our sanity in a world that is on a fast lane, we need to learn to love again.

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