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When you think you cannot overcome a challenge or succeed, remember that old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.” Every great accomplishment starts with an idea.

What is that “mountain” you are trying to overcome, making you lose hope and acknowledging it is impossible? I want to encourage you, now is the time to take action.

Make up your mind you will not be intimidated by that challenge and resolved that if others have done it, you can do it. You only need to believe.

I have tried to overcome challenges in the past and failed but, I was not preoccupied with my failures; I knew that mistakes are part of the learning experience.

When you think you cannot

What is more important is the decision to keep at it. I want you to know that the moment you reach that decision not to give up, a strange inexplicable feeling of assurance will come over you. Something inside of you will urge you on.

It can only take the power of belief you have developed inside you to keep you going on a dark path.

What I am about to share with you is a personal experience of a challenge I overcame. It took me 14 years to figure it out and I want to assure you that you can overcome any challenge and succeed if you will put this habit to use.

When you think you cannot; you can

When you think you cannot, remember that hope is the ultimate key to survival. Hope will keep you going when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. What you can conceive, you can create, I want you to know this.

There is magic in big thoughts. When you think you cannot, there is only one trait you need to possess to overcome that mountain. You need a strong desire to succeed. It must be a burning desire. This burning desire combined with purpose is the key to overcoming challenges and being successful.

Now, when you think you cannot, this is what you need to do.

1. Write down your ideas

Thought impulses are powerful. Great accomplishments are achieved by the dreamers of this world. Ideas are only the starting point for overcoming challenges and being successful. Ideas come to you sometimes when you are least prepared to put them to use.

For you to harvest these ideas and put them to better use, learn to write them down whenever they cross your mind. I have had to pull off the road while driving just to write down ideas.

These thought impulses will periodically flash through your mind. Neglect them and you may have lost the power to make progress trying to overcome a challenge.

2. Take action

When you think you cannot, understand that every plan or desire without definiteness of purpose on how to accomplish it is only a wish. You cannot overcome your challenges or succeed by indifference or laziness, you need to take action.

How to overcome that challenge

When you decide to take action, understanding that the beginning will not be rosy will help you persevere. The will to take action is more important. Taking action means you have to resolve you need to overcome your challenges.

Now you have taken action but, since the beginning is heartbreaking because you are not getting the desired result, what do you do next?

3. Motivate yourself

You need to sufficiently motivate yourself in the journey to overcoming your challenges and becoming successful. Without sufficiently motivating yourself you will not be able to hang on when you are not getting the desired result.

How do you sufficiently motivate yourself? This is how:

4. When you think you cannot; You lack self-confidence

One great weakness to overcome is a lack of self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence breeds timidity. It will not allow you to follow through on your plans.

Here is how you can continuously work on yourself to boost your self-confidence:

  • Know what you want.
  • Believe in something.
  • Learn something new.
  • Learn to persevere.

Finally, I have provided you with what-to-do when you think you cannot overcome that challenge. I have also provided you with the most important part- how-to-do-it.

Now you can apply them to your situation and overcome your challenges. Believe you can succeed and you will.

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