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There are several ways to overcome setbacks but two stands out. Facing reality and conscious living will help you overcome setbacks.

Are you recovering from a career failure or painful dwindling relationship? Are you going through underperformance as a business leader? Well, I want you to know that the world is not a bed of roses and challenges are a daily occurrence.

That being the case, there are 8 ways to overcome setbacks and bounce back from temporary defeat. Whatever the setback you are facing nature has endowed you with the gift of dominance.

ways to overcome setbacks and bounce back

But if you are contemplating giving in to that challenge, I want you to know this; winners do not give up. You need to find strength and treat that setback as a positive learning experience.

Indeed, this is one way to overcome setbacks, but this is the tip of the iceberg. What is preventing you from bouncing back from that setback? Well, according to a Bond and Shapiro survey, 90% of representatives interviewed said they got the strength to bounce back from themselves.

Now, you see that the power to bounce back from defeat or setback lies within you. Well, there is something that happens to you when you give in to defeat. And it is the fact that you blame yourself, blame others, and dwell in the past rather than move on.

In every clime, the ability to face setbacks has been the characteristics of winners. And indeed, successful people. In fact, all influential leaders have a story or two to share about surmounting setbacks.

Discover Ways to Overcome Setbacks and Fight Back

If you are suffering from an unanticipated setback or have already suffered from one, you do not need to lose hope. Because I am about to reveal to you ways to overcome setbacks and help you bounce back so you can find happiness.

First, I want you to resolve that you’ll not give in to that setback. In fact, I want you to believe that you have the power to fight back and overcome that challenge. And find happiness.

IBM’s Thomas Watson, Sr., once said, “The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” Failure is the pathway to success. Well, if you’ll overcome your setbacks, you need to come to the fight with focus and determination.

In that case, your reaction to setbacks is an important part of overcoming. In the long run, overcoming setbacks is not given, you have to earn it by your attitude.

8 Simple Ways to Overcome Setbacks

To begin with, there are ways to overcome setbacks and bounce back from temporary defeat. But one thing to note is that situations change in subtle ways. Thunder never strikes twice in the same location, so you must learn to adapt to these changing situations.

With this in mind, if you are trying to recover from a temporary setback, whether in a relationship or career. Or in business or sport, I have splendid news for you. You can bounce back and turn that negative experience around for good.

Here are the 8 ways to overcome setbacks and bounce back from defeat.

1) Amplify Optimistic Emotions

One way to overcome setbacks is to view them as temporary and that you have the power to do something about them. You need to tell yourself there is a positive learning opportunity.

Managing difficult relationships or situations can drain your mental strength. And make you helpless.

You need to amplify optimism by telling yourself, “it’s one of those challenges in life.” And I can deal with it.

2) Accepting Reality is One way to Overcome Setbacks

At a point, you need to accept reality and admit there is something you are not doing right. One way to overcome setbacks is to ignite the analytical man inside.

This analytical posturing to uncover the cause of the setback is critical.

Besides this, are you paying attention to things happening around you? Do you pay attention to the reasons for your actions?

Finding answers to critical questions will help awaken consciousness to understanding challenges. And finding solutions to them.

3) Activate Positive Thoughts

Well, if you’ll overcome setbacks and bounce back from defeat, look on to the bright side of life always. Never think “it can’t be done.”

Indeed, all things are possible to the one that keeps trying and believing. Failure is not an end it marks the beginning. Thus, you can always bounce back.

4) Believe in yourself

First, believe that life is worth living. See life as a game and learn to adjust. Improvise so you can make progress.

Therefore, a deep belief in yourself and your abilities will help you overcome. Keep hope alive.

5) Associate with positive people

Negative people broadcast negative signals. When faced with setbacks and you need a lift then, keep in touch with positive can-do people.

Only a charged battery can jump a discharged battery. So, you need positive can-do people around you if you intend to overcome that setback.

6) Develop the ability to keep trying

In as much as setbacks lead to sadness and despair but, it’s not the end. If you’ll overcome that setback and bounce back from temporary defeat, you need an exceptional ability to give it yet another shot.

You need to keep trying. Reassure yourself that after the rain comes shine.

7) Take a break

One way to overcome setbacks and bounce back from defeat is to take a break. The act of trying and not achieving your set goals can drain you emotionally and physically.

At a point, you need to accept the fact that you cannot turn things around in exhaustion mode. Overworking without enough sleep is counterproductive.

You need a harmony of body and mind to overcome setbacks and be productive. At a point, you need to tell yourself it’s time to stop.

With this in mind, you need to take your mind off the task momentarily. One way to take a break and get your mind off the challenge is to get some sleep.

Another simple way to get your mind of the challenge is to listen to inspiring music. For some, watching entertaining movies can help.

8) Speak out

Most people may wonder what happened to you doing periods of setbacks.

And conflicting reasons may surface why you failed. One way to overcome setbacks is for you to speak for yourself. And make people know the genuine reasons you failed.

Speaking out helps to redeem your image. This is so especially when the cause of the failure is not yours. Second, it helps your followers continue to believe in you.

Setbacks are devastating and if you do not tell your own side of the story, your fans may believe anything they hear from others. And they may abandon you.

To overcome setbacks and continue to win loyalty from your fans then, learn to tell your own side of the story.


As a last point, in every human, there is at least a place for challenges. Now, there are two things that will help you overcome these challenges.

First is a well-thought-out definite plan. Second is the will to take action in fulfilling this well-thought-out definite plan. The difference between the winners and losers lies more often than not in the way one group handles setbacks.

In the meantime, if you have read this far then you have added to your own ideas 7 proven ways to overcome setbacks and bounce back from defeat.

Challenges will come and they will be overcome but you’ll be sure of your strategy to overcome them.

Take a look at this eBook: Purpose and Habits; it prepares you for success. It’s in effect a continuation of what the winners know about success.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers

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