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How do you unleash the power hidden inside you for good? Let’s look at which of these takes precedence: mind or body. The man who can make the body submit to the mind has taken control of his destiny. When the mind takes control then the body becomes its’ slave. This is how we develop power and influence.

I’ll show you how you can develop the willpower to control your body and make it submit to your mind. Thereafter, you’ll have control over your emotions. When you are able to unleash the power hidden inside you then, you’ll respond less to the cravings of the body.

There are forces of push and pull inherent in our nature. These forces can lift you up or pull you down. You might not be aware but each day when you wake up these forces swarm all over you. Some of these forces hit you to pull you down but if you develop control over them, you can use them to your advantage.

Using these forces to your advantage will help unleash the power hidden inside you. Make no mistake; we are all in the line of fire of these forces. No one is immune to them. The more these forces act on an individual, the more potential power the individual possesses.

I use the word potential power because this individual has great power hidden inside. The secret of success, influence, wealth, great leadership and happiness is in the control of these forces.

Unleash the power hidden inside you. This is how

If you’ll unleash the power hidden inside you then, you must not gratify your body and emotions. There is so much power inherent in us. We cannot afford to use it on things that are injurious to our wellbeing.

Anger is one powerful destructive force. It is borne out of fear. It has its roots in irritation. If you allow irritation to take hold of you then, you are pouring manure on this seed called anger. Indulging in ager will becloud your sense of good judgment.

Anger never serves anyone any good. Instead, it’ll cost you friends and your happiness. I want you to realize that you cannot unleash the power hidden inside you when you allow anger to control you.

You can unleash the power hidden inside you by destroying this vice called anger from its root. To do this, learn to cultivate a permanent attitude of tolerance of other people’s points of view.

Now, I want you to understand that those things you cannot control or fail to control will control you. You have to acknowledge those things that control you because they are stronger than you.

Assuming you are working on solving a math problem and you cannot get the answer right. Do you get angry at the math problem? It would be foolhardy to get angry at the math problem. You cannot arrive at the solution by getting angry at the math problem.

The math problem is stronger and bigger than you. You can only make progress by acknowledging that the math problem is bigger than you. Finding a solution is a way to unleash the power inside you.

It is by acknowledging the things bigger and stronger than us and seeking help that we grow and develop. Remember, no one can swim against the tide. Doing so is tantamount to committing suicide. This force of pull will test your power of control.

Acknowledge this force of pull and seek help in overcoming it. Thereafter, you would have unleashed the power inside you.

How to win in the game of life

If you would succeed in winning in the game of life then, you have to learn how to unleash the power inside you. Jealousy is a child of fear. One form of jealousy is domicile in the fear of your ability in comparison to that of the other.

This fear which is also a destructive force will limit your personal power. Another form of jealousy is domicile in the fear of your level of education as compared to the other. Yet another form of jealousy resides in the fear of your level of accumulation of properties. This is also in comparison to the other.

To break free from these shackles of fear you need to first understand that these things are relative. You are sure to lose in the game of life if you place so much emphasis on these transient things.

Remember, your red lips might be beautiful in my eyes yet less beautiful in another person’s eyes. So, why spend time and energy in envying another person’s red lips. Acknowledge that we were all created differently. This is the beauty of life.

You lack is another person’s sufficiency. There is a fair sense of competition. This competition should stimulate zeal in us and not jealousy or envy.

To win in the game of life and unleash the power hidden inside do the following:

a) Choose one undertaking that has the potential to bring you a lifetime of happiness. Pursue it with all your strength and might.

b) Build a high level of self-confidence so you can gain self-respect.

c) Appreciate the good work of others.

Do these things, and there is nothing in anyone that’ll induce you to envy or jealousy.

Unleash the power inside you through honesty

How are they related? I hear someone ask. First, to lie to others is a dangerous thing to do. To lie to yourself is unpardonable. Many people think that telling the truth is always in relation to other people. But, it also has a relationship with yourself.

Honesty is like pointing a finger at others. Four other fingers are pointing at you. The one who lies to others loses their self-respect in the eyes of others. The one who lies to himself is empty and of no value. He suppresses the latent power in him. He is unreliable and does not know what he is worth.

To unleash the power inside you is to be engulfed in the flame of truth. A person who lacks self-confidence and is arrogant is not being truthful to himself. To earn, spend and live above your means is to be untruthful to yourself. Not practicing what you preach is hypocrisy. This is another form of untruthfulness. These are some forms of untruthfulness inhibiting man from acquiring power.

To unleash the power inside you, influence people and gain self-respect then, do this. Do away with any form of untruthfulness in your life.

In the final analysis, for you to influence others, you must learn to control yourself from these negative forces. Tame these forces of push and pull and you would have immense power to control your world.

My take on success is to come out victorious against the struggles of life. We all have immense power inside of us. Unleash this power inside you and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Join the community of those who recharge their minds and live their dream. Remember, your mind is like a battery, you either recharge it or it will run down and go flat.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


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