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Our association with people has a measure of control over our thoughts and our relationship with negative people has even a greater measure of control over the way we think. The mind is like a radio station, it receives signals and broadcast at different frequencies. When we are alone, we can control the signals we receive but when we are people, they control the signals we receive.

The mind is powerful and one negative thought can set off a succession of other negative thoughts. Positive people tend to send positive signals to people they come in contact with while negative people send negative signals to people they come in contact with. Success in life to a large extent depends on how you guard and filter your mind against the spate of signals that comes into it on a daily basis.

If the mind will remain focused and achieve its aim of finding success then, you need to learn how to neutralize those who transmit negative thoughts.

How negative thoughts originate

There is a silent way negative thoughts creep into the mind. It is not accidental; it’s transmitted by negative people. Our minds through our association with these people broadcast these negative signals.

Let’s look at a situation where a friend working in another department says to you: “why is it that James went on vacation without recommending any of you to act on his behalf while he is on vacation? If I were in your department, I’ll resist him. Remember, Emma pointed this out sometime. I expect you to ask what this is all about when he resumes …….”

Now, the more you pay attention to this, the more it gets into your mind, activating similar thoughts of what your mind has heard about James before now. The more you listen, the more your mind builds negative thoughts about James.

How to neutralize negative people

I want you to know that you own this radio station called your mind so you have the powers to control which signal you want to receive. Let me share with you how I neutralize negative people and by extension their negative thoughts.

Firstly, each day, I tell myself “Do not allow negative people to influence you.” This means I am alert to the kind of people I associate with.

Secondly, if people come up with discussions that are positive and help me develop myself, I get interested and want to know more. If I come in contact with people who try to sell me negative ideas, I quietly but politely change the discussion to another topic. If that does not seem to deter them and they continue, I excuse myself from them tactfully with a “Excuse me, Mike, I need to use the restroom…” or Oh, I forgot, I needed to call someone, give me a moment.”

These are some of the ways I try neutralizing negative people.

To be successful, you need to keep your mind in contact with great minds. One of the obstacles that keep people from succeeding and finding inner peace is their association with negative people.

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