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Throughout history, people seek ways to improve themselves, meet their personal needs, solve some of their pain and become successful. They understand that self-improvement leads to success but do not know how to proceed in their mission of becoming successful.

Habits and actions are two characteristics of success and I have put together 15 powerful but easy ways you can challenge yourself and become successful in 60 days. In 60 days you’ll become successful in that endeavor if you’ll follow my plan and take action.

Success is only a step away. To succeed in 60 days you should learn how to take the step by step approach in following this definite plan. In 60 days if you follow my plan you should travel light on this journey to becoming successful by; doing away with certain habits, forming new ones, and making effort by taking action.

become successful

The 60-day challenge is your route to becoming successful and you should treasure this opportunity to improve yourself. The challenge I am about revealing to you will help you build self-confidence which is vital if you will become successful in that endeavor of yours.

If you truly seek ways to experience self-improvement and become successful then take my 60-day challenge by following these 15 easy steps.

15 Powerful steps that will make you become successful

  1. Look for a pen and paper and write down just one thing, yes, you heard me right, just one thing (Dream, desire, or even ambition) that if you accomplish, it will bring you a lifetime of happiness. This is very, very vital if you intend to become successful.
  2. Break free from that bad habit by i) Limiting the time you spend watching TV and getting involved in social media to just 1-hour every day, ii) Avoiding unhealthy and unproductive discussions, iii) Saying no to the habit of procrastination.
  3. Acquire the following habits and become successful in 60 days by i) Learning to write a clear definite plan for each day the night before, ii) Complimenting people, you meet each day. See only the good in others, iii) Exercising regularly. Stay in great shape and boost your appearance and self-confidence.
  4. Do more and demand less.
  5. Improve your worth to your employer by making one suggestion that will save the firm time and money.
  6. Become successful by giving at least 2 hours of undivided attention to your family each day.
  7. Show appreciation to your spouse by putting a stop to the fault-finding game. Appreciate the fact that we were created differently and we cannot think alike.
  8. Spend one hour each day reading a book.
  9. Learn tolerance and win back self-control by doing away with religious, racial, ethnic and political prejudices.
  10. Make yourself likable. Read my post on how to make people like you.
  11. Spend one hour each day in creative thinking.
  12. Learn to take initiative. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Do not wait to be told what to do.
  13. Be decisive. Avoid indecision; it is the enemy of success.
  14. Learn and understand these two words: service and sacrifice.
  15. Make new friends, especially with intelligent people.

This is what you need to do

Take this as your 60-day challenge to improving yourself. Now take a pen and paper and write down: Between today _ and _ I will accomplish these and become a better person. I have left those spaces blank, fill in the day and date, begin the journey to self-improvement and become successful.

Join the community of those who recharge their minds and live their dreams. Remember, your mind is like a battery, you either recharge it or it will run down and go flat.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


    • Hazlo Emma

    • 4 years ago

    Charles, What a way to reach a success line?
    The earnest search for the holy grail of success will always escape anyone not willing to put in all the hard and smart work. For a long time, society has trained humanity to fit into this perfect box. It’s either one dream per person and if you have more you are crazy. It’s either one vision per person and if you have several you are out of this world. Its either one skill per person and if you have more, you do not know what you are doing.
    Whether you follow the one – idea route or the multi-passionate one, you have to work in more hours than normal. Success will meet with the person who goes the extra mile – always. Remember to break away from voices that do not empower, motivate and cheer you up on your journey.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 4 years ago

      Thank you, Emma. Your comment is interesting. I like the “Remember to break away from voices that do not empower, motivate and cheer you up on your journey.” I couldn’t agree more with you on this. Thank you for the time you spent on my blog posts. Regards

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