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One truth is certain and this is; every man faces a struggle trying to understand himself. This is evident in the fact that we resolve to do one thing and afterward we find ourselves doing something else. The greatest struggle everyman faces is the struggle to conquer self.

The truth is, the life of every man is vanity and chasing after the wind as long as we do not understand our journey and our duty. The knowledge of the word brings understanding and the resilience to be steadfast in deciding what is right and what is wrong.

I know and believe that there is more weight in what we do than what we say, more merit can be found in how we live our lives than on how eloquently we speak.
The truth is; understand the heart of man and you’ll be wise

The truth is, we ought to keep our promises and be sincere

At an early age, I learned one truth and this truth is in the fact that we find honor and can be taken seriously when we keep our promises.

I remember when I was in primary four and ranked 2nd in a class of 25 kids for the first two terms. My late father asked me a soul-searching question, why are you always ranking second, why not rank number one? I was blank for a few minutes and could not answer but when I did answer; I told him that I was doing my best but that Etim was not giving up the first position easily.

Then came the game changer, a promise to buy me a chopper bicycle if I came tops in the class.

I ranked first in the third term and when I requested for my bicycle from my late dad, it took my asking twice for him to buy me the bicycle. When I inquired from him why it took my asking twice for him to take me to a Raleigh shop to buy the bicycle, he told me he did not have the money at my first request.

He said, “the truth is, a promise should not be made if it will not be kept”. This is how I was raised up, this is what I live by and this is how it should be.

The human heart, who can understand it?

In the journey of life, I have been wondering what the truth is about the heart of man but on this journey, I did discover some things about the heart of man and his motives.

Let’s begin the journey.

1. Generosity that comes with ulterior motive

I have seen one truth. The truth is, certain men, find it easy to be generous to widows than their wife’s. Firstly, they promise the widow assistance beyond what the heaven’s allow and raise her hope.

Secondly, they keep part of their promise and immediately make another gargantuan promise to prove they care.

Finally, they come out with the true motive; they want a relationship with the widow when they already have a wife. I find this strange and cannot understand the heart of man.

2. Promises made to look good in the eyes of the world

I look at true friendship as a bond that should last a lifetime. Selflessness is in short supply in the world today because man does not understand and appreciate true friendship. He does not understand the workings of love.

The truth is, certain men like announcing the help they wish to render to people in public so as to be seen as generous but after the public event they sing a different song. The one that has been promised help comes to them for assistance. They cunningly change the promise they made in public and completely avoid and refuse to pick calls from the one they have promised to help.

This I find disturbing and ponder, the heart of man, who can understand it?

3. Relationship for the cake

A relationship should bring happiness and not pain. Young people should understand that being in a relationship is not a covenant for sexual immorality. If the relationship should lead to sex then, let them marry and enjoy it for a lifetime.

I have seen under the sun so many things that people do with the promise of a relationship. A man promises a woman love and pretends he loves her only to be scheming to take her to his bed. When he bites the cake in-between her legs he sings another song and begins to act differently.

The relationship crumbles and they fall apart with the woman hurting and the man looking for another to lure. Truth is, we need a better understanding of being in a relationship to know that relationships can go on without sex.

This also keeps me wondering, who can understand the heart of man?

4. Position of authority

If you intend to know a man’s character then place him in a position of power and authority. This I have seen in my life, men placed in authority to serve the needs of the people. These men end up serving their needs at the expense of the common good.

They steal the wealth of the people for themselves and their unborn generation. The truth is, every wealth ill-gotten only adds pain and sorrow.

A second truth is, every wealth gotten and is not used for the common good do not bring you happiness and satisfaction. The promise when ascending into the power of authority is to do your best to solve problems for the common good and remain a servant but this is the reverse in some societies.

I find it strange that some religious who profess a life of chastity, obedience, and poverty are also guilty of this.

The truth is if you understand the heart of man you will live a happy life.

Let me know if you understand the heart of man by leaving me a comment.


Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


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