The mind is powerful; this is how to guard it, recharge it and succeed

The mind is powerful only when it is at peace and in a state of order. Have you wondered why a group of minds in agreement will always achieve its goal? When the mind is out of harmony, the whole body suffers.

Worry and fear affect the state of order of the mind and when it intensifies, can cause illness in man.

The mind is powerful but for how long?

There are a few factors that can put severe pressure on the mind and make it not function properly. These include financial setbacks or difficulties and unreturned love.

Harsh environments can cause the mind to fall out of order, lose focus and think of only how to get over such negative environments.

Now since we know some of the things that disturb the mind, it will be safe to say that a mind that is disturbed cannot succeed. I bet if you eat any food that is not in harmony with your digestive system, you will be inviting indigestion. As long as you are suffering from indigestion, your mind cannot concentrate on anything else but how to cure this indigestion and stomach pain.

Nature has made ORDER a vital law on which life itself is anchored.

How to guard the mind against disorderliness

You cannot succeed if your mind is not in order. To succeed, you need to guard against those factors that keep the mind out of order. These are the ways you can help the mind stay in order:

1. Eat Right

You need to eat right if you want your digestive system to keep functioning properly. Whenever you eat anything that is not favorable with your digestive system, you will be inviting disorderliness. As long as your digestive system is disorganized, you will not find success in your endeavor.

I want to assure you that your success depends on the health of your body as the mind cannot function properly unless the body is in order.

2. Favorable Environment

The mind cannot function properly in a negative or hostile environment. Infighting or nagging amongst members of a family is amongst the most challenging to win.

As long as there is nagging, hostility and infighting the individual cannot succeed. The individual will lose every drive for ambition and focus and will rather concentrate on protecting and defending themselves from such an unfavorable environment.

If you have heard the word “behind every successful man there is a woman”, then you will understand why a favorable family relationship is vital for success. To succeed, you need to guard against unfavorable environments in general.

3. Financial Difficulties

You cannot earn and spend and expect to be successful. The path to success is to earn and save. As long as you follow this part of earning and saving, you will not be in financial difficulty.

Financial difficulties put severe pressure on the mind.

Recharge the mind and you will succeed

The mind is like a battery, if it is not recharged, it will run down. Success in life is to a large extent a matter of guarding your mind against disorderliness and recharging it constantly.

Let me share with you some of the ways you can recharge your mind:

a. Keep your mind in contact with vital materials

Most people have a wrong understanding of the meaning of the word “Education”. The word education originated in part from the latin word- Educo, which means to develop from WITHIN.

All materials that cannot help you DEVELOP FROM WITHIN will not educate you and therefore will not help you succeed.

When you bring the mind in contact with vital materials and put the education you get from these vital materials to use, you become successful and powerful.

b. Keep your mind in contact with great minds

There are several obstacles that await you on the road to success. One of such obstacles is to align your mind with those that are not in agreement with yours.

In the road to success, you need to first remove the obstacle of aligning with minds that are not in agreement with yours. The next step after this is to bring your mind in contact with great successful minds. Iron sharpeneth iron so, the more you bring your mind into contact and align with great successful minds, you will be successful too.

In essence, the mind is powerful in as much as it remains in ORDER. There is a reason why people succeed. When your mind loses ORDERLINESS, chaos sets in and as your mind is out of ORDER, you remain passive and unsuccessful.

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