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The journey of life is one mystery that has left many in fear and awe. At one stage in the journey, you are happy and at another stage, you are downcast. At one stage you are assured that everything is alright and at another stage, there is so much uncertainty you are short of knowledge on how to proceed.

This is the journey most of us face in life. We follow a certain route, thinking it is a sure thing and along the way, we get stuck asking for direction to proceed.

In life, we all have to proceed on the journey assigned to us. It is like the cross of Jesus; we have to carry ours and cannot hand it over to another. So also the path of life we journey cannot be delegated.

The journey will bring you pain if…….

There are several reasons why people are pained, restless and confused in the journey of life. Many begin life’s journey at the right speed and pace. This journey they begin with innocence and absolute trust but the cares of the world make them derail.

The moment you derail from the smooth path of your journey and take another route not assigned, you experience negativity. You also experience confusion, restlessness, retrogression, spiritual blindness, loss of faith, loss of hope and totality of vices. As long as you are on the wrong route in your journey, you will be filled with so much fear and uncertainty.

You can only return to inner peace when you reverse direction, trace the path to the assigned route you derailed from and continue again on the real route.

How to find the real route

I have always loved the story of Luke 24: 13-35. Two men were on a journey to Emmaus instead of the real route-Jerusalem and how when they encountered Jesus they made a reversal and headed to Jerusalem.

The paths of our lives are sometimes like that of both men. How do we find the real route, maintain it and arrive at the ultimate destination?

This is how.

1. Recognize the Journey

As we enter into life, we begin the journey. Unfortunately, most people do not recognize that the journey has begun. You need to ask yourself along the way; what is my life purpose?

You need to understand what your mission is and adequately prepare to fulfill your mission before you arrive at your destination. Recognizing the journey means you must face all realities and drop all show or appearances. Taking the route of appearance or show off is pure mediocrity, vanity and a lack of wisdom to recognize and understand the journey.

2. Understand the journey

The two disciples in Luke 24: 13-35 did not fully understand the journey. They were disappointed because their expectations were not met. They were walking away from the true route instead they were heading to Emmaus.

The journey is for a lifetime and for you to understand it, persevere along the way and find hope, you need the Word. Embarking on this journey is one of the mysteries of life and you need the Word to understand the mission and live it. In this journey, he comes to journey with you just as he accompanied the two disciples but most of us shut him out and without him, we can do nothing.

We will not understand the journey and will be lost along the way.

3. Listen to your inner man

You may have built up your spiritual man and have been given the gift of the inner man. To be able to understand and listen to the inner man, you must learn to trust and surrender everything to his will. When you are able to do this, he comes to speak to you in that still small voice.

When you hear his voice, harden not your heart. The two disciples heading to Emmaus had their inner man speaking to them but they did not understand nor listen to it until Jesus broke the bread.

Learn to listen to your inner man, it will direct you and lead you along the right path on the journey.

4. Do not lose hope

Along the route, on the journey, there will be many disappointments, trials, scandals, temptations, unmet expectations, and sorrows. You might be disappointed because of your failed marriage or relationship; you might be disappointed because your expectations in business and education are not met. Many are disappointed because someone promised them marriage and did not keep to their word.

Are you about losing hope? Are you walking away just like the disciples on the way to Emmaus? The I AM will restore hope for you as he did for the disciples. He wants to go the journey with you.

If you invite him, he will journey with you, give you clear direction, restore hope and bring you happiness along the way. For the disciples, he restored their hope, their eyes were opened and they instantly set out along the right path to their destination. He can do the same for you and bring you back to the right path.

Only if you will allow him.

5. You need to believe

If you will find the right path and maintain it to your destination, you need to believe the full message of his word. His word is possibilities. Martha believed it and all things were possible, even to the point of Lazarus coming back to life.

The journey is not easy and to proceed along the right path we need to believe him and put all our trust in him. Put your trust in man and you will only find sorrow, disappointments, lack of inner peace, and lack of happiness.

Now you know the journey exist and there is a true path. These are ways to find the real route, maintain it and arrive safely at your destination.

Let me know how you are coping with your journey.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


  1. Listening to your inner world is so important Charles. God knows the way. Always. We need only quiet the mortal mind to tap into something so much bigger that we could never understand it. That Perfect Voice.


      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 7 years ago

      Thank you, Ryan. I appreciate your understanding of the truth.

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