Purpose and Habits

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Purpose and Habits is a compendium of practical steps to catapult you to action. It will help you find the pathway to actualize your dream of succeeding in any undertaking.

I wrote this eBook to help you develop self-confidence. To glide into accomplishing your dreams, you need to overcome some psychological issues. This book will help you overcome those issues.

By reading this eBook and practicing tips inside its pages, you’ll gain the initiative to form new habits and take action.

Then you’ll become a beacon of hope to others.


There is a reason why people succeed in life, it is not because they are lucky nor is it by accident. People succeed because they follow the laws of success. I have put down some of these laws for you in Purpose and Habits.

2 reviews for Purpose and Habits

  1. Ankita Saha

    This book is of profound significance as it teaches one to practice habits so that they can live the purpose of their life with authenticity. It is truly a pathway to a rich life, a prosperous life. Must read!

  2. Anthony Gaenzle (verified owner)

    Excellent actionable insights to help readers achieve what they seek in life. Nicely broken down to create a deep understanding of the path necessary to achieve success both personally and professionally. Great piece. Highly recommended!

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