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Practical Steps to accomplishing your Dreams

Purpose and Habits



“Purpose and Habits” – Practical Steps to accomplishing your Dreams.

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Obinna Onwugbene is a storyteller, and a writer focused on conscious living and continuous improvement. He writes fast-paced suspense thrillers and action stories for YOU because you are the best fan in the world and you deserve much more.

Obinna runs a personal growth website onwugbenecharles.com, a How-To blog that helps the seed of greatness inside you germinate.

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Purpose and Habits

Purpose and Habits is a compendium of practical steps to catapult you to action. It will help you find the pathway to actualize your dream of succeeding in any undertaking. I wrote this eBook to help you develop self-confidence. To glide into accomplishing your dreams, you need to overcome some psychological issues. This book will help you overcome those issues. By reading this eBook and practicing tips inside its pages, you’ll gain the initiative to form new habits and take action. Then you’ll become a beacon of hope to others.


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THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT the principles of success, commingled with self-leadership principles. It has the potential to inspire you to a leadership position. These principles are beyond borders. Anyone can achieve success in any undertaking if they dare to apply these principles.

In other to meet their needs and solve some of the pains of life, people seek personal growth. To dash to the intersection of their talents and the needs of the world is the lot of successful people. Aristotle calls this finding your vocation.

These successful people have discovered themselves and their purpose. They have mastered self-leadership principles that breed success. They are electrifying lives and some are inspiring others.

How do you become successful? How do you refocus your thoughts to meet with unimaginable success? Luck is not the reason why people succeed every day even in the most competitive environment. So, why do people still succeed in these competitive environments?

In the pages of this book, you will discover certain habits and actions. They have catapulted a countless number of people to achieve their dreams. Success is not accidental. People succeed because they have acquired self-confidence in accomplishing their dreams. They succeed because they have defined the route to their dreams. To kick-start the vehicle and begin the journey to success, they have gotten hold of the key.

This book will hand you the key to start the vehicle and teach you how to drive to your destination. Habits and actions are two characteristics of success. They transcend wealth creation and search for unlimited resources for personal development.

I have written this book to inspire you to take action by trying something new. It’ll drive you to find inspiration and initiative to meet with success. This journey begins as you wake up early and avoid procrastination. To enrich yourself with a lifetime of happiness, you need to wear the garment of initiative.

What benefits will come to you if you succeed in accomplishing this dream of yours? This is one question that many find difficult to answer. These benefits embolden you to fulfill your dreams.

In this book, I will show you how your success is dependent on the grade of your zeal. You have the zeal, yes, so what? What use is that zeal if it is not a burning zeal? Now if this burning zeal is of a low grade, too bad. You need to work at it.

I’ll reveal the principle of habit formation. To remove the shackles that hold you back, I’ll show you how to overcome those bad habits that limit you. This book will also help you decimate fear and then power you to the finish line of success.

The maker created us to be winners so no need to be less. You feel fear and tremble under that temporary setback, why? You cannot be successful by reading this book. Yes, you heard me. You need to practice the self-leadership principles in this book if you’ll shine.

This is where taking action is vital for success. The compelling willpower to take action is proof of success.

We all have the seed of greatness inside of us and the power to become successful is our lot. Now is the time to unleash that power so you can illuminate the path for others. Then, people will beat a path to you as a beacon of hope.

Success begins in the mind

AIM HIGH, THINK BIG. This is your right so do not allow anyone to come into your mental space and tell you otherwise. As you wake up each morning, tell yourself “I can do it”.
Whatever you hope to accomplish, you can if only you will believe. If you’ll meet with success in that one thing that you wish to accomplish then, you need a ..

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Purpose and Habits