Would you like to reap the therapeutic benefits of reading a suspense story?

Let me disclose how to you:

At the end of this page, I am going to send you the novel “Poorracourt.”

This book is probably not like any other thriller you’ve read before because:

1. It’s about you and what your kids are doing behind your back.
2. It teaches you something about human identity—trust vs. betrayal and good vs. evil.
3. It’s capable of gripping you and transporting you to a world of suspense.

So in this page-turner, I’ll be telling you a story about a ruthless oil thief in the tiny oil city of Port Harcourt who masterminded the assassination of a good man; a politician. Assigned to stop him is a former police detective propelled by a hunger to rid society of criminals. As the revengeful actions targeting the politician become personal, the mission to save the former MP becomes even more difficult.

There’s more to this harrowing saga, but it requires you to read it yourself.

Now, here is where I need your help

I would like to make sure this novel’s core idea would captivate you. So I am writing to a collection of thriller readers and friends to ask each of you this:

Will you try “Poorracourt” and leave a comment on my page?

It’s a small favor that means a lot to me. I think it would mean a lot to you too since everyone likes to be entertained and share their opinion about a great story.

The first few chapters—FREE

Never mind all I have said about “Poorracourt,” I want you to read it.

I wouldn’t offer you this novel if I didn’t know what this yarn would do for you. Of course, I know.

Now I’ve done my part.

Are you willing to put my words aside and be the judge?