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How you succeed has a close resemblance to how accidents happen; it follows the law of cause and effect. There is a reason why things happen. There is nothing accidental about why people succeed. How you succeed is as a result of specific causes or actions you take.

This is how you succeed.

When I hear people blame their failures on bad luck, it only goes to show that they need a better understanding of why people succeed. Let me share with you the reason why people succeed but first let’s look at how luck works.

How does luck work?

Let’s assume that TUTOROLLA was to be restructured on this theory called luck. The names of all staff are placed in a box.

When the box is opened, the first name that is pulled becomes the CEO, the second name drawn would be the executive director, operations. The third name would be the executive vice president of sales, and this is done all the way down the hierarchy. This is what being lucky would look like.

This is a sure way to disaster.

One fact remains, that people who rise to the top in every establishment have gotten there because they have the right attitude and skills. They put in the effort and imbibe hard work as their guiding principle.

How you succeed

This is how you succeed

How you succeed is not as a result of luck but by putting in the effort, doing the right things, having the right attitude, and gaining mastery of the things that produce success. Successful people are not scared of making mistakes nor quit when they experience setbacks. They learn from their mistakes and make it profitable to themselves.

Successful people take the time to prepare for success, they have a definite plan to succeed and use creative thinking to solve problems and overcome limitations. How you succeed should not be at variance with how most successful people achieve success.

Successful people have a strong belief in the law of cause and effect and have completely destroyed the element of fear holding them back. This is how you succeed:

1. Think up ideas

In your journey to finding success, you need to put on your thinking cap. You need to think up ideas and constantly write them down. Creative thinking that produces ideas that solve problems is powerful. These are few steps that will help you find your thinking cap and put it on:

  • Look for a blank piece of paper, write a challenge you or a friend is facing.
  • On another blank piece of paper, think of possible solutions and write them down. No matter how silly and unreal these solutions feel to you, write them down.

Asking the ‘What if” questions will push you to think different.

A simple challenge that will help you get up to speed with thinking is to try and organize a hypothetical birthday party with 200 guests in attendance.

2. Have passion

How you succeed is by really wanting to succeed. This brings us to passion. I define passion simply as a burning desire. If you really have a burning desire to succeed then you will be willing to put the extra time and effort no matter the outcome.

Really wanting to succeed is not enough to make you succeed, you need a plan.

3. Make definite plan

“I’ll read the book in the morning” is a plan but “I’ll read the book by 5 am tomorrow morning” is a definite plan. Having a definite plan is a great motivation to take action. A definite plan is the road map that helps you achieve your passion.

When you have definite plan mingled with a burning desire, taking action will be spontaneous and sustained.

4. Demolish fear

We must acknowledge that fear exist before we can defeat it: fear of beginning, fear of failing, and fear of the unknown. All these are fears that exist. How you succeed is by building confidence.

The enemy of success is fear. To be successful, you need to build confidence. You acquire confidence by taking action.

5. Take action

How you succeed is by taking action. Taking action is very important if you want to become successful. Taking action is where “movement” takes place.
There is no perfect plan and by waiting for a perfect plan, you will not be able to take action. How you succeed is to acknowledge that taking action will get you started but your actions might not be right initially.

Repeated action and experimentation will help build confidence. Most people fail to take action or shy away from taking action because they have not cured themselves of the disease called inaction.

Below is a dose of medicine that will help you cure this disease called inaction:

  • Lower the barriers: If the challenge you are trying to overcome feels so important, try looking at it as secondary.
  • Understand that the beginning will not be perfect so, just begin and accept the outcome the way it is. There will be room for improvement.
  • Look for a companion: They may not give you feedback but knowing someone is waiting for you to lead provides some form of pressure to get started.

In essence, how you succeed depends not on luck but by following these principles that lead to being successful. Success is a result of causes and following these habits will bring you into the league of successful people.

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