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After the year 2020 ends, what lessons of the year 2020 would you like to reflect upon? How often have you made New Year’s resolutions and then ignored them?

A long time ago, in the village of Eziama lived Hakaam, the Wise One, and many there rushed to him for advice. He gave freely to all, demanding nothing in return. One day, there came to him a young man who had spent much but got little. And he asked; tell me Wise one, what must I do to receive the most for that which I spend?

Hakaam answered; “A thing bought or sold has no value unless it contains that which you cannot buy or sell. Look for the priceless ingredient.”

Well, these “priceless ingredients” are the lessons of the year 2020.
Now, insights got from the lessons of the year 2020 will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

We all have lofty goals and dreams we wish to fulfill as the New Year begins. And the year 2020 is no exception. Facing reality will help you navigate through life’s struggles.

The negative experiences of the year 2020 will hunt many for the rest of their lives. But this shouldn’t be our lot.

With this in mind, I have taken stock of the year 2020 and the lessons I have learned I’m about to share with you. And these lessons if put into use will help you better your life in the future.

When the lessons of the year 2020 prove priceless

Many perceive the year 2020 in an unpleasant light and wish it shouldn’t happen again. And the challenge of the year 2020 is overwhelming for them. They feel defeated already. But the lessons of the year 2020 should serve as a learning experience.

It’s important to realize that a seed overcomes the burden of the earth before it sprouts. And success comes to those who overcome setbacks.

Whatever happens, there are questions you alone can find answers to so you can learn from the year 2020.

With little ado, let’s begin.

1) What lessons of the year 2020 can you call to mind?

In all honesty, to find answers to this question, begin by writing all the things you did wrong during the year. Next, take stock of all the things you began but could not bring to their conclusion.

What were the things that did not work out as planned?

If you’d better your life in the future, then you need to pay attention to the answers to these questions. The answers will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

And they are a sign you are living a conscious life.

2) What negative emotions are you willing to abandon?

All-day long, from the minute you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, you work yourself up. You get angry and irritated sometimes. Also, to make the lessons of the year 2020 benefit you then, you need to know the things that get you worked up. Thereafter pay attention to the things that get you angry and irritated.

With this in mind, as you enter the New Year, let go of those things that get you worked up. Thereafter, learn to tolerate others so you do not get irritated or angry anymore.

3) What feelings of regret would you like to overcome?

By the way, the lessons of the year 2020 would be incomplete without you shining a light on your feelings of regret. Now, make a list of the feelings of regret that you would like to overcome.

Begin by looking at your relationship with people. Look through your career to see if there are elements of regret that come to mind.

Look at your spending habits. These are a few areas that you can learn a thing or two so you can live a happier life in the future. Overcoming these setbacks is vital for making progress.

4) Visualize marvelous things you would like to experience in the future

What are those things you would like to experience in the future after you gain from the lessons of the year 2020? Well, look at it from the perspective of the things that would bring you a lifetime of happiness. If they come to reality.

These things may be plans, goals, ambitions, or visions. Next, how do you intend to fulfill these things? Do you have the relevant skills, knowledge, and know-how to execute your goals?

Finally, see yourself already accomplishing these things. You can gain the power of self-belief by telling yourself you can do it repeatedly.


In the end, you owe it to yourself to avoid making the same mistakes in the coming year. But I want you to remember that certain things would be beyond your control. And how you respond to them would determine if you’ll remain focused on your plan.

Anyway, taking action now is what I urge you to do. Begin today. Begin now.

The eBook Purpose and Habits will speed you up on the road to a better life in the future. And I almost forgot. It’s your Free.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers

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