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I have one vital question for you on how to win in an impatient world, and it is “Do you have the right attitude”?

It’s important to realize that, as humans, we always want to win and earn respect. We avoid risk but multitask, doing a lot of things at the same time. Time constrains us, yet we stay tuned to the frequency of the fast-paced world.

Well, to win in an impatient world, we need to be who others are not. Avoiding risk is in our nature. Unfortunately, life is full of risks and challenges and no one is immune to them.

Overcoming the challenges of life makes life fulfilling. But the prize for overcoming life’s challenges requires one thing: patience.

Despite this, we are sometimes not aware of the danger posed to our health by being impatient. Our whole being comes under attack and our capacity to flourish diminishes.

But to win in an impatient world requires weighing the danger caused to our world by impatient people. Failing to understand what waiting for a thing actually entails means one thing. We act like everyone else and become impatient.

You can be who others are not and win in an impatient world but, it requires you to wait patiently. It is the attitude that matters more if we are to win in an impatient world. Therefore, the difference between “patience” and “Impatience” is that thin line between “waiting” and “waiting patiently”.

4 Reliable ways to win in an impatient world

Imagine you have ten minutes to get to work. And you expect your paid taxi service to be in your house eight minutes earlier, so you are not late for work.

Suddenly, the taxi service driver shows up three minutes late. Damn! You get pissed off and think the driver must be out of his mind. Well, this is one example of what happens in our world that causes us to lose patience.

But to win in an impatient world, we need to understand one truth. For some people, the moment there is a delay in expectation, they get worked up and become impatient.

I have stayed with many people to understand one thing. Upgraded optimism on things you have no control over breeds inconvenience and impatience. Well, to be honest with you, I have discovered four reliable ways to win in an impatient world. They will help you be who others are not and ultimately make you win in our impatient world.

So, let’s begin here.

1) Develop consciousness around others’ position

Do you remember the paid taxi service episode I narrated above? Now, think about it for a moment. Are you upset that the driver came in late? Or you feel the driver has no value for time?

Come to think of it, if you will be who others are not and win in an impatient world then, you need to be considerate. You need to be conscious of the driver’s position.

In fact, you need to think about what the other person might go through. Maybe he had a flat tire and had to fix it before coming to your house.

2) To win in an impatient word then take up a challenge

If you’ll be who others are not in our impatient world, then take up a challenge. It’s important to realize that, as humans, we are active and find it difficult to be still. There is no time to be still and quiet, and this is our greatest undoing.

The secret to being patient in an impatient world is to be quiet and still. In effect, limit the time you spend on social media to one hour a day. Cut off watching the Television.

Say no to unhealthy and unproductive discussions. Ultimately, getting adequate sleep can help you regain patience. And make you strong to overcome challenges.

3) Do not allow time to put pressure on you

How much longer will it take me to find the right man or woman as a life partner? I still have much to do in other to meet your set goals. I need to put in 12-hours of training a day to be a top performer in my sporting career.

The constraint of time puts pressure on you. And can lead to impatience when your expectations become unmet. Besides, time is the greatest enemy of man and to win in an impatient world you need to go slow.

Take things easy but be consistent and you’ll succeed. And with success comes patience while failure leads to impatience.

4) Think of the internal man

There is one source of power you have, and that is your thoughts. Life will make no meaning if your mind tells you it does not.

I want you to place high regard on your source of power. And take pleasure in its positive signals, then you’ll withstand the fast-paced world.

To win in an impatient world then watch and secure the internal.


Finally, I have shared with you how to win in an impatient world. I’m sure you want to secure your internal peace by developing the right attitude of waiting patiently.

Well, if your intent is to win the war between patience and impatience, I have written the post because of you.

It’s up to you to act now. So, why not act now by getting a free copy of my eBook Purpose and Habits. It’s a practical guide to succeeding in an impatient world.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


    • Adel Hafez

    • 4 years ago

    One of the best illustrations to win the battle of impatient. In my view patience is a talent which need lot of practice and faith to everything we do or challenges during our life journey. Many thanks Charles for lightning our way.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 4 years ago

      Thank you, Adel for sharing your perspective on the topic. I appreciate. Regards

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