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If you’re feeling inferior, insecure, and show a sign of low self-esteem, you are not alone. Twenty-one years ago I was feeling inferior and insecure and the signs were obvious. My life was a life filled with comparison, unhealthy competition, and irrational judgment of friends.

Those years of feeling inferior were painful and misguided. I was doing certain things because other kids I perceived were from a wealthy background were doing them. After my inner struggle and mingling with friends who were not too wealthy but had a good Christian background, I knew a change was imminent.

stop feeling inferior

After my Total Consecration to the United Hearts of Love, life started making meaning and my self-esteem was given a lift by my Christian brothers. It gradually dawned on me what life was about and what it wasn’t about.

In fact, I realized that life is not about competition but about accepting our inadequacies and the uniqueness of human nature.

Stop Feeling Inferior: This is how

The tips I am about to share with you will help you deal with feeling inferior. It will free you from feeling insecure, feeling envy, and boost your self-esteem. To make it a smooth transition, you have to understand that life is a journey and we all have to take a different path.

Fully understanding the uniqueness of human nature is one key that will set you free.

Now you can unbind yourself and this is how.

1. Stop feeling inferior: Avoid fake friends

Fake friends abound. They are amongst married and unmarried persons, boys and girls, and amongst men and women. You will know them by their lifestyle and their words.

Some fake friends live above their means, some talk loud; some are filled with words but no action. Others claim they can turn water into wine; lies. Your continual association with fake friends will put so much pressure on you and elevate your insecurity.

By their talk and lifestyle, they inadvertently make your ability to deal with feeling inferior difficult. Because of their talk and lifestyle, you begin to feel unsure of your lifestyle and might end up viewing your normal lifestyle as abnormal. Your association with fake friends will threaten your self-esteem.

To stop feeling inferior and better deal with your insecurity, you have to avoid the company of fake friends. Seek your own path and seek the company of sincere genuine friends. Genuine friends will help you understand life and the realities of life.

They will help you appreciate your uniqueness and make you understand that imperfections are normal but are not limiting. Genuine friends will help you boost your low self-esteem and your feeling inferior will be a thing of the past.

How to stop feeling inferior

2. Stop the comparison

To stop feeling inferior, you have to understand that life is not about ME, neither is it about YOU, but rather about us. The habit of comparing ourselves to others or others comparing us to other people is destructive and harmful. The moment you start comparing yourself to others, you put undue pressure on yourself.

Your self-esteem drops if you are comparing yourself with someone better than you in life. This will not help you deal with feeling inferior. I have learned that comparison of any form, be it comparing people’s lives, their looks and their successes can lead to people feeling inferior.

It makes others lose their self-esteem and lead to insecurity.

3. Understand Life

To better deal with feeling inferior, you have to understand life and strive to understand the heart of man. For a man to be truly successful he should be working for the common good; he should bear no deceits or evil motive. If you understand life, you will come to appreciate that there is no need to feel inferior because not everyone will grow at the same pace.

My understanding of life is that we were all given different talents and gifts so we are all unique. The lack of understanding of life will make you feel inferior as you will find yourself comparing and competing with others. These habits only lead to envy and greed.

4. Stop feeling inferior: Be content

Lack of contentment will fuel your feeling of insecurity. When you are in the habit of acquiring wealth because you want to be richer than someone or you acquire because it makes you happy, then you are in for trouble. This is because you’ll not be satiated by material things.

This habitual nature of man to acquire shows a man feeling inferior and looks to material things to cover up. To properly deal with feeling inferior you should learn to be content with whatever you have. The grass is not greener at the other end.

One man’s needs might be another man’s wants. Learning to be content will bring you inner peace.

5. Accept Others

We need to accept one another irrespective of tribe, race, or religion. As humans, we share a lot of things in common and can learn from one another instead of unhealthy competition and segregation. We need to help each other grow as long as there is a genuine effort to learn and grow.

Rejection makes most people feel inferior and insecure.

I have shared with you how to stop feeling inferior and take a hold of your self-esteem.
You too can be free.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


  1. Hello Charles,
    Thanks for this wonderful post that gave me a deeper insight into this issue. We all have faced this thing at some point of time in our life. And i strongly agree that we should stop comparing ourselves to others and accept that fact that everybody is different in their own ways and have unique talent about them. The day we will realize it, we will free ourself from loads of burden. It’s an awesome read. Keep it up.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 7 years ago

      Thank you, Harsh.

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  3. Hi Enstine

    This is a really great post. I appreciate you and I really enjoyed this post when I read it. Great points you gave.Thanks for sharing this post with us.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 6 years ago

      You are welcome, Alam.

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