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How do you make people like you? Since no one succeeds alone, we need the support of other people to succeed.

In business, you need people to buy your product or service if you would succeed since it is the customers that keep the business alive. In the office, if you are the boss, you need your staff to carry out your instructions if you must succeed at the task at hand. If your staff fails to carry out your instructions or plans then the team fails. On a daily basis, these situations occur.

Over the years and in my dealings with people, I have found out that the LIKE quotient which is a measure of how people relate with other people is dominant compared to other factors. These like quotient asks the following questions: Is he a good person? Does he fit in well in a group? Does he get along well with people? Will he be accepted by others? Can he be trusted with the position of authority?

I have also found out that genuine friendship cannot be bought with money it grows as a result of mutual respect and both parties adding value to each other.
In our world today people have lost patience and most people do not have the time to pull others up the ladder of success so, you have to earn it.

To make people like you follow these 10 rules
To make people like you and be like most successful people, you have to follow these 10 rules:

  1. Give spiritual support to people and they are bound to like you.
  2. Remember people’s names and how to pronounce them. This goes a long way to show people that you have a genuine interest in them.
  3. Do not get pissed off easily. This means you need to find a relaxed disposition to certain issues.
  4. Learn to acknowledge and congratulate people on their achievements and also show sympathy in the moments of sorrow.
  5. Practice forgiveness. Every misunderstanding with people should be emptied in the trash of history. Learn to let go.
  6. Do not be a perfectionist. Never show people that things must be done your way.
  7. Say pleasant things about people. It warms them up to you.
  8. Learn to see the strength of individuals, never dwell on their weaknesses.
  9. Do not show people that you want something from them. In essence, do not be a burden to be with.
  10. Learn to spell a person’s name correctly. If in doubt ask them to spell it out for you then, you can write it down for future reference. Most people I’ve met like you immediately you can spell their name correctly.

Finally, this is how to make people like you. Strive to live by these rules I bet you, people will be flocking around you wanting to be with you.

Most successful people I’ve met live by these rules, they take the initiative in meeting people.

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