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Time is the enemy of man and those who appreciate this know there is no better time than now to make every moment count. A certain fulfillment arises when you can beat your chest and say, ‘I have made good use of my time today’. This happiness comes about when you look back at the end of the day and find out that you have made every moment count.

make every moment count

As soon as today goes by, things not done today will linger into tomorrow. What tomorrow brings, no one can fathom. Making sure there has not been an idle moment in life’s daily activity will certainly make you happy.

As we are born into life, the onus lies on us to make every moment count so there will be no room for regrets. Life will not stand still for you so make every moment count.

This is how to Make Every Moment Count

How to make every moment count is a question we need to ask ourselves if we will find the path to happiness. Understanding of self and a sense of the mission will guide you in knowing how to make every moment count. The parable of the ten virgins is a parable that will teach you about making each moment count.

Let’s look at making every moment count from my experience.

Let’s dig in!

1. Making every moment count – Set your priorities straight

To make every moment count, you need to know yourself and set your priorities straight. Setting your priorities right entails you know what should take precedence over the other. You cannot run unless you have learned how to walk. Trying to run before walking is an effort in futility and a waste of precious time.

This is how most people treat each moment; they wake up and refuse to take the time to plan for the day. Planning your day will help you set your priorities right and help you make every moment count. Setting your priorities right will remove the burden of regret from you at the end of the day.

In essence, you have done all that needs to be done. This way you can accept the outcome of the day without any regrets.

2. Know the purpose of life

To make every moment count, you have to understand the purpose of life and be able to ask yourself certain questions:

  • What do you believe in?
  • Why are you living?
  • What are you passionate about?

Life is a struggle and a battle that will overwhelm you if you do not understand the purpose of life. Making every moment count and finding happiness is to fully articulate the purpose of living. Following life’s journey will help you attain your purpose.

3. Make good use of time

Resist every temptation to take time for granted because time is the accountability of purpose. Use your time well and you will be able to make every moment count.

To make good use of your time, you should:

  • Avoid relationship with a bad company.
  • Stay away from unprofitable discussions.
  • Avoid discussing people.
  • Learn to wake up early.
  • Go to bed early.

4. Keep hope alive

Hope is what keeps life going. The assurance that your tomorrow will be better than your today is the essence of hope. This assurance will make every moment worth living.

To build a high degree of hope, you have to understand that:

  • The word of God is the foundation of all Hope.
  • After the rain comes shine.
  • Tomorrow will surely come.
  • All things are possible if only you believe.

5. Be Patient

Everything will happen at the right time so, be patient. To make every moment count, you need to have the patience to wait for that moment. Happy people are patient and hardworking people.

To make every moment count, be a master of your own mind and be patient. Great things happen to those who are patient. This is one way I have found happiness.

Unfortunately, most people have lost the virtue of patience and are living a rudderless life.

6. Make every moment count by believing

Whatever your heart can conceive that it can achieve; you only need to believe. Understanding the word will enliven your spirit man and raise your sense of belief.

To make every moment count, just believe:

  • You can make it.
  • It is worth it.
  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Everything will turn out right; it only takes time.
  • Love supersedes everything.

7. Forgive Everyone

Every moment will be worth living when you let go of all grudges and forgive everyone who has wronged you. In the journey of life, you will travel fast if you travel light. Unload all your worries and drop every spirit of tit for tat so you can travel light on the journey.

The measure you forgive will be the measure you will be forgiven.

Avoid keeping malice, it will weigh you down on the journey and slow you down.
Make every moment count in life as you will account for every time that has been allotted to you here as you journey.

Thank you for reading but before you go…

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    • Richmond

    • 6 years ago

    This is wonderful I personally I sincerely appreciate your good work…

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 6 years ago

      Thank you, Richmond.

  1. Hi Enstine

    This is a really great post. I appreciate you and I really enjoyed this post when I read it. Great points you gave.Thanks for sharing this post with us.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 6 years ago

      Thank you, Alam.

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    • 2 years ago

    thank you for your inspiritional advice.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 2 years ago

      Thank you, Stanley.

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