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How to use the power of belief

Every day the power of belief can be seen all over the world where people begin a career or learn a new skill. They ‘wish’ that someday they’ll be successful and get to the pinnacle of what they set out to do.

One success building wisdom that comes to mind is the stated fact that faith can move mountains. With the power of belief, they can be successful and this motivates them at the beginning. Some have heard the word “believe you can succeed and you will” and they make different meaning out of it.

Success means different things to different people. Success means been looked up to by people in your community. It means freedom from worries and frustrations.

Many view success as finding real happiness while others believe it is about winning self-respect. The goal of life is to be successful and find fulfillment in all we do.

The biblical quote “faith can move mountains” gives greater importance to the power of belief. Just believe you can move a mountain that is all that matters.

Many people just cannot come to terms with the gigantic mountain let alone move it. As a result, many people lose faith and do not believe.

The power of belief: Yes you can

The power of belief and that of reality are contrary. Walking up to a mountain and saying with faith “move away” is confusing the power of belief with wishful thinking. You cannot wish away a mountain.

You cannot wish yourself into the CEO position in a company you work for. Neither can you wish yourself into first class in your education. You can’t wish yourself into a six-figure take-home pay.

Let me tell you how to develop the power of belief inside you. This is how:

  1. Develop a positive-I-Can attitude.
  2. Exhibit the willpower to learn.
  3. Motivate yourself to take action at the right time.
  4. When you believe you can do something, the how-to-do-it develops because you have prepared yourself to do it.

How to nurture the power of belief

Those who believe they will succeed are a small percent of the world’s population. They succeed because they have mastered the power of belief and are putting it to use. They actually believe they will succeed and do not ‘wish’ so.

This is how they use the power of belief to their advantage:

  1. They do not believe in the word impossible.
  2. They study the behavior of successful people.
  3. These small percent study how successful people look at problems.
  4. They are proactive.
  5. The attitude of successful people they observe closely and,
  6. These small percent of people are open to learning.

The power of belief comes to those who have seen others achieve success and believe there is no limitation to what they can do. When they set out to do things, the how-to-do-it comes to them because of the power of belief they have nurtured inside of them.

Finally, the majority that fails to get to the pinnacle fail because they have not acquired the power of belief it takes to achieve success. It is simply hard for them to perceive that the mountain will move away.

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