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To get the most out of a hard and isolated life seem daunting. In a situation where the world is in panic mode due to COVID-19, it is imperative we keep a cool head. Civilization has attained greatness when it is at the bottom rung. We hear stories of greatness from people from hard humble stations in life. These people have risen through perseverance to greatness and honor.

The challenge facing civilization today is a lesson that we should learn from the school of daily life. If we must get the most out of a hard and isolated life then, we must understand one thing. No one ever achieved greatness or reached out for a solution until he feels the need for it.

It is in such situations that inventions that have lightened the burdens of many have been born. It is the poor hungry boy who stands outside a food store, clinging to a dime, battling with thoughts inside whether to invest it in a plate of food or take it home to his sick mother who understands the value of a dollar.

When the world races against time to find a cure for a pandemic. this is when life is appreciated. A life that man may have taken for granted.

Get the most out of a hard and isolated life through reading

We can get the most out of a hard and isolated life by reading books. There are two books that I find helpful; they are a good dictionary and the Bible. These two books will lift you up to a higher thought zone.

Books are like a two-edged sword. They can lift you up or drag you down. So be careful what you read.

It is not so much about what you read. It is about the positive effect it brings to you. To put it short, what advantage does it bring you? The greater lessons learned in the school of daily life are from experiences with fellow men. It is further highlighted by the collection of books we read.

Books are an accepted means of knowledge. Getting the right knowledge depends on reading the right books. To get the most out of hard and isolated life requires wisdom. To get this wisdom requires that reading should galvanize you into thinking.

It is not the number of books a man readeth that maketh him. It is the quality of the books he reads. In the home of every intelligent man or woman lies a library.

It is an asset that costs a fortune. Reading the right books will bring you in step with modern society. Books are a gateway to personal growth and success.

We still can get the most out of a hard and isolated life. This is how

If we must get the most out of a hard and isolated life, we must learn the love of work. Many will have the chance to begin afresh after this pandemic is over. The love of work will be an asset. This is an asset that will help many get the most out of a hard and isolated life.

The centers for disease control and prevention has instructions on how to stay safe. They are commendable. In the final analysis, it is the lessons we learn from the school of daily life that matters the most.

Most of the lessons from the school of daily life are not taught in regular schools. They are lessons we learn from life if only we can pay close attention to the happenings in life. Paying attention to these things in life, brighten the path of life. They can sometimes increase our rate of survival.

Family values have changed over time and societal problems have seen an increase. These family values have helped shape civilization. It helped keep the world safe and made it a better place.

Second, if we must get the most out of a hard and isolated life we must learn to observe self-sacrifice. Personal growth and success are related to a proper diet. Almost all disease has a direct or indirect relationship to the stomach. I believe the stomach is the master and must come to the fore.

A proper diet affects humanity and deserves close attention by man. Health and disease are both as a result of what we eat.

Finally, I believe you can get the most out of this hard and isolated life if you keep yourself busy by reading. Then, pay close attention to the happenings in the school of daily life.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


    • Hazlo Emma

    • 4 years ago

    This is straight to the point.
    Hard and isolated life had produced stronger and more triumphant people – always. This is a great reminder to not only put our energy into what feeds our mind with positive thoughts but at the same time ensure that we apply all the wisdom we have learnt to save one more life.
    Shared the blog post with my network.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 4 years ago

      Thank you.

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