How to develop the willpower for emotional control

The willpower for emotional control is developed through an attitude of tolerance. We were all created different; opinions and thoughts differ and we all see things from different points of view. There is something to be learned from the next person.

Emotional control

If you want to develop your willpower for emotional control then, you have to cultivate a permanent attitude of tolerance for others’ points of view. Failing to appreciate the point of view of the next person sometimes breed irritation. Irritation is a fertile ground for anger.

Since we know that anger is a destructive force and nothing good comes out of it then, we better expend our energy on tolerance which brings about peace to all.

How emotional control can help you succeed

When you are working on solving a problem and you experience a temporary setback, the best thing to do is to exercise patience. If you become impatient or get upset, you immediately welcome the destructive force that comes with impatience.

When you become impatient or upset, you starve your mind of sound reasoning and judgment. Remember, nothing good comes from the destructive forces: Fear, jealousy, envy, anger, and irritation. If you will succeed in any endeavor, you need to keep a cool head when you are faced with a temporary setback. Seek partnership with a better mind than yours.

To be a man, you must learn to overcome the unexpected. This is an Igbo proverb. Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses and appreciate that others will be better than you. You will also be better than others in certain areas of life too.

Let it not bother you so much what others have achieved with their ideas. There are enough ideas in you to also achieve something different and unique from the next person. Tolerance demands that you appreciate and admire the excellent work of others.

Finally, life’s aim is to support others to succeed. Let this be part of your nature.

Join the community of those who recharge their minds and live their dream. Remember, your mind is like a battery, you either recharge it or it will run down and go flat.

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