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To gain enduring power comes from character. This statement seems simple yet it is weighty. In my post on How to unleash the power inside you for good, I mentioned the word honesty several times. First, to lie to others is a dangerous thing to do. But to lie to oneself is unpardonable.

To gain enduring power to fulfill your dreams, try not to compromise your conscience. A person murders his conscience through words or actions that do not come from the heart. This is deceit as the person does not believe in his words or actions.

How to Gain Enduring Power to accomplish your Dreams

A person who does this lacks character. He lacks what it takes to fulfill and actualize his dreams.

Let us understand what the difference is between character and reputation. Reputation has to do with how others see you. It is other people’s perception of you. It is that which people believe about you.

Character has to do with you. It is inbuilt. It is that which you are. Without character, a person is worthless.

Gain Enduring Power through Honesty

Enduring power comes through honesty. To influence others, you must first believe in yourself. Any undertaking that comes from the heart will come to life sooner than later. It’ll gain life because you believe in it and have the zeal to pursue it until you succeed in it.

Believe in your dreams with your whole heart. Commingle this with a high grade of zeal. Sooner than later it will come alive. Your success in that undertaking depends on the grade of zeal and the power of belief you put into it.

To gain enduring power to succeed in that undertaking, you must believe in it. Not believing in yourself and asking others to believe in you is tantamount to deceit.

You can only influence people when you act on that which you believe and make it come alive. To gain power and influence others do this. Avoid all temptations that will strangle your conscience.

Gain Enduring Power through Experiences

To gain enduring power, you need to have gone through the school of hard knocks. The school of hard knocks is the best way to gain experience. It bestows upon you some level of authority.

Someone may ask why I am talking about how to gain power and succeed. It is because; I have experienced all I am writing to you about. You’ll only know it is true if you’ll experience it yourself.

I am sharing with you what I have experienced over my years of life struggles. I know your weakness because I know mine.

If you found this post useful and aspire to be successful in business then, I urge you to get my eBook: Purpose and Habits for FREE. It has a plan that’ll help the seed of greatness inside you germinate.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers

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