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While finding your passion and purpose in life, sometimes you need to be a risk-taker. Why are a few people finding their passion and purpose in life while many struggle?

Have you noticed that something remarkable is happening in your world right now? And I bet you are not paying attention.

finding your passion and purpose in life-new

Your dreams, ambitions, and goals can give you significant insight into your passion. Now, because finding your passion and purpose in life requires inspiration, you need to find resources to inspire yourself. Well, this zeal to define your personal road path transcends wealth creation.

Well, the most important thing you can do for yourself today is to usher in a new dawn in your life. And to do this, give your life direction then, critically thinking through certain questions will help you.

Regarding this, let’s begin with these soul-searching questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What’s that one thing (Dream, vision, ambition, or goal) that keeps you awake all night?
  • Have you discovered your talent?
  • Without monetary consideration, what can you do with joy?

Indeed, finding answers to these questions will help you make meaning out of life. Finding answers to these questions has the potential of ushering in a new dawn in your life.

And give you clear direction.

Are you struggling with your inner man on the way forward? Well, one thing is sure. Finding your passion and purpose in life is within your powers.

But, if for any reason you have not been happy with your life or present occupation, I want you to know you are not alone.

Well, we all have the power to conquer our fears. But man’s biggest blunder is that he underestimates these powers inherent in him.

For this reason, in finding your passion and purpose in life, I’ll be sharing the story of Basil with you.

Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life. The Life-changing Story of Basil.

The year was 2003; the place was Port-Harcourt. From the gallery of Rivers State Library, Basil was reflecting on his life experiences.

After spending a fortune in formal and informal education within the past 17 years, he was not happy. In fact, he hated this 40-hour workweek routine.

Armed with a degree in Civil Engineering, he sort employment and started working for a design consulting firm. After three years of working as a design engineer, he felt this is not what he wanted afterward.

Afterward, he secured another job with a construction firm. Now, because the challenge in his work schedule was not enough, he quit after 14 months.

Incidentally, a health challenge kept him at home for the next 12 months. Anyway, life is a battle and we all need to be courageous soldiers to fight and win life battles.

He won the battle over this health challenge and secured yet another job.

By the way, in finding your passion and purpose in life, you need to answer this one nagging question, “What one thing are you passionate about”?

To get back to the point, with Basil involved in the construction of two Stadia and many real estate development projects, stress came calling. Thus, this new job came with enormous challenges. And with these challenges came stress.

Well, in case you did not know, stress is a destructive force. And this stress brought unhappiness into his life.

Sometimes if we’ll find our passion and purpose in life then, we need to go slow. You need to slow down a bit.

To get back to the story, Basil started struggling with his inner voice on the way forward. With each passing day, this inner voice kept getting louder saying to him “you need to find your passion and discover your purpose.”

He knew he could not fight this inner voice when it roars. Now, he realized the next phase of his life was imminent. He became confused on the way forward because he lacked ideas to help him answer this call of finding his passion and purpose in life.

After several years with this construction company, Basil discovered he has been wasting time and his life was passing by.

Introducing 8 New Ways to Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life

First, let’s look at 8 simple ways of finding your passion and purpose in life. They will help you avoid making mistakes in the journey to finding your passion and purpose in life.

Well before I reveal the 8 things you need to do to help you find your passion in life, let me conclude the story of Basil.

After quitting his paid employment with this construction company, Basil started a business. He has been in this business for the past 10 years.

Because it has not been perfect, he says he has been happy, and he is fulfilling his dream.

In the light of this, let me share with you how you can find your passion and live a meaningful life.

Let’s begin.

1. Note The Situations That Make You Unhappy

In the journey to finding our passion and purpose in life, we often ponder within ourselves who we are. Sometimes, there is uncertainty about who we want to be and where we want to be in the future.

Now, how we intend to get there can be challenging. You should note down these challenging times and circumstances.

These confusing and sometimes unhappy periods help you define your purpose. They play a key role in finding your passion and purpose in life.

In that case, learn to write these circumstances and situations down. Next, picture new situations that are filled with courage. And take small measured actions towards this new vision.

That being the case, these visions and actions are hopes of purpose. And they’ll eventually help you in finding your passion and purpose in life.

2. While Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life, Look For Patterns

To begin with, one thing that most people often overlook while finding their passion and purpose in life is the patterns that play out in their life. Above all, there is a sequence of coincidence, patterns, and recurrence in your life.

Well, for you to follow them or change them so you can enjoy a meaningful life you must first recognize them. This is where most people miss it when they are trying to discover their passion.

With this in mind, take a piece of paper and pen and answer these questions:

  • What are your pains, and what triggers them?
  • Are you paying attention to coincidences that occur in your life?
  • What patterns do you observe in your life periodically?
  • Are you paying attention to them?

Finding answers to these questions will help you live a meaningful life.

3. Learn To Put Your Ideas in Black and White

If you’ll meet with success in finding your passion and purpose in life then, you must keep track of your plans. Well, if you must keep track of your plans, you first need to write ideas that come into your mental space.

Great ideas do not ring a bell, they strike like thunder. If you’ll use the inspiration and ideas that come to you before they disappear then, learn to write them down.

I mean, you need to write them down immediately after they come into your mental space.

Last, after you write these ideas or thoughts, come back to them and build on them.

4. Be Original

We all have our individuality. This individuality is the originality in us. God has put this in all humans.

Without first discovering your originality, it’ll be burdensome finding your passion. One mistake people make is to jettison their originality and focus on being others.

To put it briefly, whenever you dream of being like one of those people you judge to be successful, remember this. They have discovered their originality. They are original.

If you aspire to discover your originality then, harness your uniqueness. First, look inwards to discover those things that make you special. Finally, accept them because the world would follow suit.

5. Enjoy Life, It’s a Game

If you’ll find your passion and be able to overcome life’s challenges, then you must learn to enjoy life. By the way, when you see life as a competition, then you’ll be unhappy.

Have fun, enjoy life. It’s only a game. In finding your passion and purpose in life, you also need to learn to do things that do not bring you money.

These things will help you discover your passion and give your life meaning.

Finally, enjoy what you do. If you do not enjoy your present occupation then, chances are, you have not discovered your passion. You need to go look for something else to do that you enjoy.

6. Self-Confidence is Vital

The mind is an endless sea of thoughts; thoughts of fear, failure, greed, doubt, and jealousy.

In the first place, you need to stop telling yourself it’s impossible. If you allow this thought to control you, then you’ll believe so.

Break free from the shackle of self-doubt and swim in the ocean of self-confidence. In no distant time, you’ll arrive at the shore of success, discovering your passion, and finding happiness.

In view of this, temporary setbacks will come. And they are a fact of life. But self-confidence will see you through.

With this in mind, to gain self-confidence, you need to first gain knowledge and know-how.

As a last point, without self-confidence, it’ll be difficult for you to find your passion.

7. Learn To Slow Down a Bit

Finding your passion and purpose in life can be difficult to attain in a fast-paced world. One mistake people make and this keeps them from discovering their passion is this. They move with the fast-paced world.

Finding Your Passion and Purpose In Life
Image by Steve Buissinne from pixabay

They allow the world set the pace for them.

I discovered a long time ago that sometimes slowing down a bit can help you find answers to life’s problems.

On the whole, meditation and a little weekly exercise can help you slow down a bit. And help your inner voice grow stronger.

8. Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life Means Rising Above Fear

Finding your passion and purpose in life entails you overcome your fears. Making excuses or finding reasons you did not accomplish your plans plays into the hands of fear.

Fear is a destructive force that you should identify early and deal with quickly. And to move forward in life and live in happiness, you need to uproot fear.

Eventually, if you do not uproot fear, it’ll keep you from finding your passion.


Finally, I want you to know that finding your passion and purpose in life is like discovering your personal road path. This personal road path leads to motivation, inspiration, freedom and a clear direction.

The struggle to finding your passion leads to joy when you discover this personal road path. This joy comes about because you see yourself as a partaker in creating solutions that inspire others to better themselves.

To support you in finding your passion and purpose in life, I have put together an eBook: Purpose and Habits. It has a plan that’ll give you clear direction in finding your passion.

Finally, It’s yours FREE.

Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers

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