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Have you set out to achieve your goals and began the journey with excitement only to face setbacks and became discouraged? By the way, if you have started noticing a little physical drag in the morning when you wake up, it’s a sign of stagnation. And stagnation is the first sign of let-down.

For one thing, successful people and top-performing athletes know what to do about that. But do you? Not more time and more work but something else is needed.

In other words, to achieve your goals in life, you need to understand what causes setbacks. In the first place, we are all faced with challenges and setbacks in life. But nature has endowed us with one gift- the power to stay focused and relaxed.

How to achieve your goals in life-c

With this in mind, when top performers and successful people feel stale in these days of fierce competition, they do not ‘shut-off”. They keep showing up even in the midst of challenges and setbacks.

Now, the truth is this; we all go through stagnation at some point in our journey to achieve our goals. But this does not have to be your lot. It’s important to realize that achieving set goals brings about happiness. Well, failure to achieve set goals is the cause of sadness and despair.

For one thing, your dreams, ambitions, and goals deserve to come alife so you’ll find happiness. Now, if you have desires, dreams, goals, or ambitions that you need to fulfill then, I have written this post for you.
But first, you need to understand factors that can put you under pressure and cause you to fail in achieving set goals.
Let’s cut to the chase.

To achieve your goals, first, you need an insiders understanding of failure

Indeed, to achieve your goals in the midst of daunting challenges mean success and happiness. This is the simplest definition of success. In like manner, setbacks mean you are not achieving your set goals.

To put it differently, failure means you are not achieving your set goals and have accepted defeat in the midst of this temporary setback. In the first place, there are two factors that cause failure. The first is called pressure and the second is a lack of conscious living.

But even so, nature never intended us to be under pressure. In effect, pressure is how our whole being begins its rebellion. As a result, our mental capacity is attacked; we lose focus and orderliness of our mind.

You see, pressure, in reality, can make you not to achieve your goals. That is if you do not accept it and use it to your advantage. Well, talking about pressure let me tell you factors that will put you under pressure.

Time has been the enemy of man and running short of time will put you under pressure. Have you thought about what others expect of you? Well, trying to meet others’ expectations of you is a fertile ground that breeds pressure.

At the same time, trying to catch up with the constant change around you can put pressure on you. Well, in order that you may achieve your goals at the outset, let me show you how you can effectively pursue your goals and be successful.

I’ll be sharing with you strategies and tips for achieving set goals in this post. All you need is to pay attention.
Let’s begin.

7 ways to achieve your goals and become successful

What personal or business goals do you aspire to achieve? Well, do you remember when you were a kid and your parents sent you on an errand? They would take a pen and a piece of paper and make a list and thereafter stick it into your pocket so you do not forget.

Anyway, lots of people set goals and strive to reach their goals. If you have read up to this point, I guess you have set goals and seek to achieve them.

For this reason, I have got hints for you on how to achieve your goals and join the 8 percent who are successfully meeting their set goals. You see, about 92 percent of people fail to achieve their goals according to a Forbes report.

Now, let’s delve into these proven formulas on how you can achieve your goals.

1) To achieve your goals you need to know what the benefits are

To achieve your goals, you need to be motivated. In the first place, there is one question I want you to answer. “What are the benefits that will come to you if you achieve your set goals”?

Above all, it is vital to understand what motivates you. These benefits are actually the motivating factors driving you to fulfill your goals.

In other words, staying focused on the benefits and its priorities is vital for accomplishing dreams and meeting with success.
Consequently, if the benefits are not worth it then, it’s likely you will not find zeal, determination, and persistence to follow through in accomplishing set goals.

2) Be specific about what you want to achieve and write it down

You see, you cannot dream of achieving your goal without knowing the specific details of the goal. First, you need to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down what the goal is and break it down into its details.

Now, according to Professor Gail Matthews, a professor of psychology at Dominican University, California, those who write down their goals are 33% more likely to achieve their goals.

Indeed, there are reasons why this works. In the first place, writing down your goals shows you know what you want to accomplish. Second, it tells you what needs to be done. In essence, it helps you prioritize it.
Finally, it helps you not to forget. Now, this is if you can place it in a place where you can see it and read it aloud frequently.

Learn to make a list of your goals. Include both long term and short term goals.
For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you need to be specific about the weight you want to lose and how you intend to accomplish it.

In fact, I’ll wake up in the morning is a goal but, I’ll wake up by 5 am tomorrow morning is a specific goal. One external influence that can help you in this regard is the alarm clock.

As a result of this, I write my goals for the day the night before. This way my day is already planned and ready for execution.

This is how I accomplish my goal for the day.

3) Set Deadlines if you want to achieve your goals

In the first place, deadlines help you measure progress in achieving set goals. In fact, it’s the starting point of all goals, if you want to achieve your goals. And the best part of setting deadlines is that you become committed to your goals and hold yourself accountable.

More importantly, setting deadlines actually helps you get started with your goals and make you take action.
Above all, top-performing athletes and successful people set deadlines and meet them.

Well, this is the great divide between winners and wannabees.

4) Begin with the simple goals first

As a matter of fact, winning begets happiness and confidence. Now, if you want to start achieving your goals from the outset and build confidence on the way then begin with the easy and simple goals.

How to accomplish this is to first make a detailed list of your goals and be specific about it. Next, in the detailed plan on how to accomplish the goal, mark those tasks that are easy to accomplish and begin with them.

When you may have accomplished the easy ones proceed to accomplish the complex ones. The aim is to begin the process of accomplishing your goals with wins. In general, these wins no matter how small is a way to build confidence in the journey.

Finally, one of the tips for achieving set goals is to do it your way. Remember, it’s about your originality- your style.

5) Draw up a well thought out plan then, another detailed plan

It’s important to realize that when pursuing your goals reality will set in at a point. And your goals will need to be updated. The reality is that some goals will not work out as planned. In that case, how prepared are you to iterate?

Well if you intend to achieve your goals then, you have to begin by putting your imagination to use. Figuring out what needs to be done first and what comes next. In fact, thinking of those things that are not within your control and preparing for any unfavorable eventualities is vital for success.

Another key point is, you need vision when it comes to accomplishing set goals. That is to say, you need to draw up a well thought out definite plan then, another definite plan, and yet another detailed pan.

In the event that plan A does not work, do you have a plan B or C, or even plan D. In summary, if what you are doing is not working then redraw the plan.

6) Gain competence so you can take action

The point often overlooked is that acquiring knowledge and know-how is the pathway to competence. In the first place, in striving to achieve your goals you have to be honest with your abilities.

Do you have the relevant skills, knowledge, and know-how to pursue your goals? In other words, to be able to accomplish set goals you need relevant knowledge.

Well, if you have been conscious in acquiring the relevant knowledge then you will be enthusiastic in putting it into use.
The putting of acquired knowledge to practice is the “doing” part of knowledge- the know-how. That is to say, consistently putting acquired knowledge to use is how we gain competence and excellence.

By and large, to be able to achieve your goals in life, you need to take action repeatedly. And persistently taking action is the key to accomplishing set goals.

7) You need Focus

First thing to remember is this, if you dream of achieving your goals then you need to be focused. Learn to keep your eyes on the ball.

Specifically, achieving set goals require you avoid things and people that will distract you from achieving your set goals. To emphasize; mind control is vital.


Given the above points, it is pertinent to note that to achieve your goals you need to stay focused on your goals and set your priorities right.

One thing to remember is that your dreams and goals can be accomplished if you have the will to pursue them following the strategies i have outlined in this post.

If you have read this far then you have the zeal to accomplish your goals.

I have put togetter this ebook: Purpose and Habits, as a guide to help you fulfil your dreams.

Charles is the Co-Founder and CEO of ONWUGBENE.COM LTD. This company provides educational resources and designs training programs for committed forex traders. He is the author of the inspirational eBook: Purpose and Habits. He aims to help you find inspiration to succeed in business and in life's endeavor.


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