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About Charles

Hi, I’m Charles, Co-Founder, and CEO of ONWUGBENE.COM LTD. This company provides educational resources and designs training programs for committed forex traders.

Fulfilling that dream of yours and enjoying a lifetime of happiness has a lot to do with your individuality. It is about discovering the real You.

The main purpose of my blog is to supply you with the strategy and tactics that will help the seed of greatness inside you germinate.

To achieve this mission my blog posts will be focused on waging war against, lack of zeal, and the demon called inaction that keeps many from fulfilling their dreams and becoming successful.

It will inspire you to take action and experience success.

Well, the aim of doing this is to help you achieve victory against self in spite of daunting setbacks.
Now, if you wish to take back your destiny, you must gain victory against self.

Can you imagine that? I know it may sound unbelievable but self-control is one success principle that is vital for greatness.

I’ll show you how to wage and win the war against self so you can be great.

I am an author, a practicing civil engineer, and a personal development coach. Through my e-book (Purpose and Habits), I share insights and tips that’ll help you understand yourself and live your purpose. In this e-book, you’ll discover a plan that will help the seed of greatness inside you germinate.

What you need to know about me

Firstly, there’s no theory in my blog. You get undiluted hard-won essential wisdom. This is wisdom gotten after 15 years on the frontlines as a forex trader. A pearl of wisdom gotten from the school of hard knocks.

If I didn’t learn anything after setbacks of 15 years then, I wouldn’t have turned the wheels of misfortune around.

I hardly take loses without learning a thing or two. In other words, I stumbled but not without finding a way to untangle myself from defeat.

And then, one day, I realized I was not paying attention to the patterns in the market. I had a good system but, I was not listening to what the market was telling me.

It was the moment I allowed the market to lead me and I followed behind that I became a successful forex trader.

Above all, I’m here to teach you what I learned from this experience.

For example, I had lost money as a forex trader from 2004 through 2018 and only started making money from 2019. In 2019, I developed the 1-2-Click trading system that has helped me beat the forex market.

It dawned on me that success in business and in life is more about the right mental attitude than a system. What use is a trading system if you do not believe in it and have the right mindset to execute it?

To sum up, success in any undertaking begins in the mind. The winner’s mindset is what I share on my blog.

Wondering where to start?

  • Read my Blog Posts and learn more about the Principles of Success.
  • Join my Recharge your Mind community and get my e-book for Free.
  • Browse my e-book and receive the key that will open the door to a world of possibilities

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