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About Charles

Hi, I’m Charles.

In practically all business organizations, the important decision is to run low on expenses that seem to double almost every day and have more money to live on.

A steady income is the foundation on which every kind of business—great or small—rests. The result is that while you are busy with matters that are more important to you—minimizing expenses, let me worry about an increase in sales and generation of leads for your organization.

Now, if you have something to sell to generate more money for your business to stay afloat, to support you and those dependent on your business, and lack the right words to bring in the sales, then it’s a way to let expenses overtake income. For the moment you stopped selling, the money stops coming in, while your expenses climb high.

Nothing could be more disappointing to a business than having products and services they cannot sell.

Times have changed. And so, emails have assumed a new influence. It has initiated a reputation for front door marketing—looked upon for bringing your goods and services directly to customers and making them listen, then take the desired action demanded. But only if properly worded to win their attention, create interest, describe what you offer, and bring sales.

If you have had this experience—difficulty in convincing your customers to buy your products and services—you know how miserable and counterproductive it is when you put out a campaign and sales refuse to go up. You can escape them and escape the expenses that go with them.

When two dominant companies from the United States use my service to help them sell their products in Africa and the Middle-east, then there must be something unusual about copywriting that I do.

And for a woman like Jana Manzella of Florim USA…here is what she says: “Charles is good at what he does.” But I do not ask you to take her word for it. Experience it for yourself and see!
Let me prove what she means to you. You don’t need to do anything on your first try, not one penny. All I want you to think about is minimizing expenses.

Under these conditions, Charles Onwugbene is a name that assumes relevance for the subject utmost in the mind of every business—to get the material out and get the income in. If I can’t help you get leads and increase sales, then it’s my fault, not yours. That’s my guarantee.

It doesn’t need to be expensive to get the material out. So try me and win back the happiness that goes with attracting more income.

What you need to know about my blog

First, there’s no theory in my blog. You get undiluted hard-won essential wisdom. A pearl of wisdom gotten from the school of hard knocks.

If I learned nothing after setbacks then, I wouldn’t have turned the wheels of misfortune around.

I hardly take losses without learning a thing or two. I stumbled, but not without untangling myself from defeat.

Above all, I’m here to teach you what I learned from my life experience.

I realized success in business and in life is more about the right mental attitude than a system.

To sum up, success in any undertaking begins in the mind. The winner’s mindset is what I share on my blog.

Wondering where to start?

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