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The spirit and flesh are at war for many reasons. The spirit opposes the flesh and the flesh does not mix with the flesh. Those who walk in the flesh see life through a different lens but the spirit understand that one end awaits all men.

The flesh holds the illusion that life goes on forever. The flesh sees success as a measure of how much one has in their bank account and how much physical asset one has acquired. The spirit understands that material things lost can yet be found.

There are certain things that cannot be found when it’s lost- life and time. This the spirit understands.

The moment of truth for the spirit and flesh

When the spirit rises, the flesh must give way and when the flesh manifests, the spirit gently leaves. But think about how darkness and light do not mix so it is with spirit and flesh. The spirit and the flesh have a different understanding of life.

In the final analysis, the spirit has the key to the door of life. In essence, to be “alive” and understand life you must be in the spirit.

This is how the spirit looks at life:

  1. The spirit knows that love is the true meaning of life and without forgiveness, there is no future. Furthermore, the spirit acknowledges that love includes forgiveness.
  2. The spirit understands that the abundance of riches does not guarantee happiness or inner peace. The use of wealth to improve humanity without preconditions is the pathway to inner peace and happiness.
  3. Pride in one’s wealth and openly acknowledging that humanity cannot survive with you is an open confrontation against the spirit. When the spirit leaves, the flesh takes absolute control. There is no vacuum.

Lessons learned from the spirit and flesh

As I grow older, I have come to understand that the spirit and flesh are contradictory. So also the lives of those in the spirit cannot be understood by those in the flesh.

This is my understanding of life:

  1. The ones who truly love you will admonish you when you go wrong.
  2. Whether you live in a 400 square meter or 4,000 square meter house, you can only sleep in one bed.
  3. If we drive the latest model of a car or an older model, the road and the distance remains the same. Both will arrive at the same destination.
  4. A $500 or $50 watch will keep the same time.

So, let’s esteem our family, treat all men well, love our friends and spouse.

Finally, be true to your own self and cherish others, this is the way of the spirit.

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