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One great way to build confidence is to know about fear early and take the right action to destroy it. One way to overcome fear and be free is by taking action.

In my years of taking action on different tasks and projects, I have come to realize that hope without action is merely daydreaming. Hope needs to be supported with action.

This lesson I learned several years back when I was on a swimming course. I love people who swim and swimming events were fun to attend but one shortcoming I had was, I was a non-swimmer.

About fear of failure

I was not only a non-swimmer but I was afraid of water. My coach told me something; “if you are afraid of swimming then you cannot swim, you can only swim by plunging into the water”.

Indeed, fear is so powerful that it inhibits people from getting what they want in life.

The very moment I made contact with the water in the pool and made effort to swim, the fear disappeared; fear was defeated. My action defeated fear the very moment I entered the water and made effort to swim.

The lesson I learned about fear several years back was that action defeats fear. I will be sharing with you what I have learned about fear these past years.

Things I know about fear

I will share with you the things I know about fear and the actions you need to take to defeat fear. If you will defeat fear, you need to know about fear in its different forms. In essence, you need to take the right actions to defeat different forms of fear.

1. About fear of what people will say

One thing you need to know about fear of what people will say is, it raises your level of uncertainty. The fear of what people will say will keep you from taking action because you are afraid of what others think.

This fear even grows when you think of trying and failing and ponder how they will respond to your failure. I want you to know that from creation till date people will always talk even if you do the right thing or wrong thing.

One way you can overcome this fear is to always make sure that what you plan on doing is the right thing. Just do it as long as it is the right thing.

2. Fear of not making a sale

This is one fear certain small business have especially when sales are down. The fear of not making a sale makes certain small business people throw to the wind business ethics that build customer relationship. They try to force a sale by giving too much discount or offer credit.

One way you can overcome this fear is to understand that some days the rain will fall and some days you have sunshine. All days are not the same.

Some days will be profitable in terms of sales and some days will be stagnant.

3. Fear of performing poorly in the exam

When you think about fear of performing poorly in exams, it only shows you have not prepared well. This fear arises when you have not studied well for an exam.

You can overcome this fear by converting idle time to studying. When you find the right studying materials and adequately prepare for exams then the fear of performing poorly will disappear.

4. About fear of making an investment

Making an investment requires you consider all factors related to that particular investment. Why are you making the investment? What do you want from the investment?

These are questions that you should answer.  When you know all the facts and have considered all factors you have to decide.

One way to overcome the fear of making an investment is to learn to trust your judgment and stick with your decision.

5. Fear of embarrassment

It’s about fear of me being embarrassed in public because of my appearance.

One way to overcome this fear is to learn to look good. Visit a beauty shop or a barbershop. Make sure your clothes are clean and you smell good.

These are the things I wish I knew about fear early on in life. They will help you overcome fear and boost your self-esteem.

Finally, we are all afraid of some things and to overcome these fears you need to isolate these fears and take the required action.


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  1. It’s really a nice article, i really enjoyed to read this, thank you for sharing it

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 6 years ago

      I am glad you found it useful. Thank you, Haris.

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