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One extreme vanity of this world is the fact that many hear the good news but are little affected by it. This extreme vanity of this world has ended up producing more hypocrites; those who say one thing and are doing something else.

Extreme vanity of this world

The man of great wisdom is he who despises the world to tend to things above. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

We must imitate the life of the one who rose on the third day if we would be truly wise and be delivered from all blindness that pervades the heart. The words I speak to you are spirit and life, says the Lord.
If one knows the whole Bible by heart and does not love his neighbor, what use is it?


Extreme vanity of this world: The facts

The knowledge of the word and living the faith will help us avoid the extreme vanity of this world. To be free from vanity is to really know Jesus Christ, love him and take up our cross and follow him.

Christianity is not about lip service but a call to duty. This call to action is followed by a conscious effort to find salvation in knowing and following Christ our Redeemer.

Here are some facts about the extreme vanity of this world:

1. Love of fleeting things

To love things that will pass away and despise things that will bring everlasting joy is vanity. Many times, we find ourselves falling in love with those things that bring no spiritual gain to our soul rather we gratify the flesh.

2. Seeking after riches

What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? This question is a reminder that God made man to serve him and to be with him in the life after. Therefore, it is in vain we seek after riches that will perish and put our trust in them.

3. Vanity of seeking a long life

It is our wish and prayer that we are granted the grace of a long life. There is this vanity of seeking a long life without leading a good life.

4. Being mindful of our present life.

This is one extreme vanity of this world I find confusing. Many are mindful of this present life. Their actions and activities are all tailored to the present life. They neither think of the life to come or the consequences of their actions. Because man has fashioned his life and mind on the present life when his soul is required of him, regret sets in.

5. Ambition to get honors and titles

Many seek earthly honors and titles so as to gain self-respect in the eyes of the world. This also is vanity and chasing after the wind. It is better to be humble and unknown than seek to be rewarded with honor and title.

Now you know some extreme vanities of this world, strive henceforth to detach yourself from things below and constantly look up to things invincible.
By walking according to the flesh instead of the spirit, you lose the grace of God.



I come to you, O Jesus to study and understand your supreme authority and greatness. Give me the grace to copy thy virtues since to be saved, I need to know you and practice what you teach me in the gospel. I ask you for this grace with a firm hope that you will grant my request. AMEN.

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