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Some of the best frugal living money saving ideas are simply common sense ideas. When you find yourself in debt and need to pay off your debt, your head should immediately enter critical thinking mode. You should be thinking of the best ideas that lead to frugality.

Frugal living money saving ideas will help you gain control of your personal finance and start you on the journey to repaying your debt. It will also help you find financial independence and bring you happiness. A frugal living will also help prioritize your budget and allocate saved money to other areas of need.

I will be sharing with you frugal living money saving ideas to help you win the war against debt and bring you out of the financial quagmire you find yourself in. One of the basic facts of life is this; frugality has nothing to do with how much you earn. You can live a frugal life and save money irrespective of how much you earn.

You only need the willpower to begin. To begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I need to save money?
  • What do I do to save money?

Your frugal living money saving ideas will be sharpened when you have the answers to these questions.

Frugal Living money-saving Ideas

These frugal living money saving ideas I am about to reveal to you are hinged on common sense. It looks at what is necessary and unnecessary. It also looks at what is needed and what is not needed.

Your self-discipline will be tested but not to worry, when you fail in trying to live a frugal life, look at life as a journey. You need to truly understand life to be successful in living a frugal life.

I am sharing this post with you to help you find the path to financial independence and help you save money to stay away from debt.

Let’s begin.

frugal living money-saving ideas

1. Keep a home garden

One of the frugal living money-saving ideas is to keep a garden at home. In your home garden, you can plant items like; leafy vegetables, tomatoes, pepper, bitter leaf, garden eggs, and scent leaf. These are common foods that we buy in the market but can be homegrown and provide an opportunity for saving money.

You can do the math yourself. Take a piece of pen and paper and estimate how much you spent on these food items last year.

Besides saving money, you will be healthier as you know they are organic and have not been exposed to harmful chemicals.

2. Have a good reason for driving out

Most people spend a lot of money on gasoline when they drive out from their homes. You may have numerous reasons for pulling your car out of the garage but those reasons are they cogent? Each time you drive your car to town without a cogent reason, you are wasting money on gasoline.

A good money-saving idea is to have a cogent reason for driving out so you are not wasting money on trips that are not necessary. You can walk a distance than driving. This way you save money on gasoline and exercise to keep fit.

3. Buy used cars

Instead of buying new cars you can buy used cars and save money. I view cars as liabilities and do not see myself buying a new car. This guides my judgment when making a purchase.

4. Regulate your time in the shower

The more time you spend in the shower, the more water you use and these add to the water cost. Frugal living entails you carefully plan your bathing procedure. Do you need to leave the shower on while you are massaging soap all over your body?

You can turn off the shower and put it on when you need to wash off the soap from your body. This way you save money on water.

5. Regular Alignment Checks

Frugal living money-saving ideas are an afterthought for some people yet some people are always conscious of it. Regular alignment checks can save you some money on tires especially when you have been driving on a bumpy road for a while. Each time your vehicle is out of alignment, the wear gets to your ties easily and will reduce the useful life of your tires.

Checking the alignment of your vehicle regularly will help your tires last longer and save you money in the long term.

6. Plan your travels

To save money on hotel reservations, learn to travel on vacation to locations where you have friends and family. This is one way you can save money when you travel out of your location.

7. Buy Basic exercise equipment

You can stay away from the gym and save money on the gym monthly membership fee by buying simple but necessary gym equipment for the home. One of the frugal living money saving ideas that came to my mind when I wanted to quit going to the gym was to purchase a stationary bicycle.

I needed to keep in shape and avoid paying the monthly gym membership fee.

8. Traveling in a group

One of the frugal living money saving ideas I discovered recently was to travel in a group. Traveling in a group will save you money if you are attending conferences, shows, and burials. Recently, I went for a burial in a location out of town with thirty persons on a bus.

I cannot tell you how glad I am that I saved ten times the amount I would have spent if I drove my car.

9. Buy Used Books

If you buy and read a lot of books, buying used books online will be a huge saving. I have stopped buying new books from the brick and mortar shops instead, I buy used books online.

This is helping me save money.

10. Avoid overloading your Car

Each time you overload your car, you make your engine do more work thereby consuming more gasoline. One of the frugal living money saving ideas I live by is to check that my car is not overloaded at any time when I drive.

11. Traveling abroad with Empty boxes

This is one of the frugal living money saving ideas you will find useful if you travel abroad with your family on vacation. Traveling with empty boxes will save you money on boxes you will need to pack items you bought. Buying new boxes to pack the items you bought does not make financial sense.

12. Frugal living money-saving ideas and energy bulbs

Using energy bulbs will help you conserve energy and invariably save you money on electricity bills.

13. Put off appliances when not in use

If you are in the sitting room and no one is in the bedroom then, you need to make sure that all bulbs in the bedroom and other appliances like fans are switched off. This will also help reduce the cost of the energy you consume.

14. Build houses according to family size

One huge way of saving money is to build your home according to family size. Why build a six-bedroom duplex when your family size is four? Rational planning before building will save you big money.

These are a few frugal living money saving ideas that I apply to help me stay free from debt and be financially independent. When it comes to your personal finance, throw away all sentiments and be realistic, this way you will not live above your means.

Share with me some of your money-saving ideas and let’s inspire others to financial freedom.

Thank you for reading but before you go…

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Charles is a storyteller of fast-paced suspense thrillers


    • Adel Hafez

    • 5 years ago

    Very exciting article to read and learn from ..interesting too.. thanks Charles.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 5 years ago

      Thank you for reading. I am inspired by your comment.

  1. Frugal living also called ‘minimalist living’ saw me focus on eating homemade meals. This little change went a long way. I did not know that my network of interaction, friends, family, and co-workers was watching. Everyone came back to give feedback. Some made huge savings. Others had a new appreciation for improved taste buds. Others lost weight, while others started living happier lives. This is the new normal. This is what led me to co-author a book Crawl Outta Debt Now (hitting shelves soon).

    A small thing like ensuring that tire pressure is well-balanced, you cover more mileage on the gas.

    With an imminent looming financial meltdown, this is great if you want to see your money stretch.

      • Charles Onwugbene

      • 4 years ago

      Thank you, Emma. We should all learn to save. The key to financial freedom is to earn, save then, spend. Many earn and spend and that is the wrong approach to financial freedom. Thank you for reading.

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  3. […] That being the case, you go broke living above your means. The key to success and riches is to earn, save then engage in prudent spending. […]

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