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Onwugbene Charles

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charles is a practicing civil engineer and a personal development coach. He is a leading voice on leadership. An author of the inspirational eBook: Purpose and Habits. He is a Forex trader with Onwugbene.Com LTD. This company provides educational resources and designs training programs for committed Forex traders. Charles can help you reach your full potentials and succeed in achieving your goals.


Leadership and Success is all I Preach

In 2009, something dramatic happened to me that changed my viewpoint about leadership. It dawned on me that what you so desire with a high grade of zeal, you can actually accomplish. You only need to make your body submit to your mind.

I’ve shared all about this in my blog posts.

Leadership and Success is what onwugbene.com is about

” Victory, success and all great achievement begins in the mind. There’s no limit to what the mind can achieve. The only limitation is the individual.”


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